Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Automatic List to HTML Translator - Version 2

Update: Version 3 is now live, has fewer bugs (???) and greatly improved syntax


  • Multiple tables in one
  • Nested sub-tables
  • Variable spacing
  • Sample outputs for instant feedback
  • Bugs
  • Terrible syntax
If you liked the first one for it's simplicity and ease of use... keep using it. Version 2 has a quite a bit more functionality, but has sadly become a little cluttered in the process. To assist with that, you can see a randomly selected sample of the generator produced each time it is remade. It also has nested sub-tables, but those are a whole new kettle of fish. I've included an example in the default text of the generator, my best advice would be to look at that and play around with it.

A few pointers:

Firstly - The first line in each table is the "title" of that table, not one of the entries. This is a departure from version 1, but should be relatively intuitive.

Secondly - To start a second table, leave a blank line then continue. It may be easy to think of each table in the generator as a different "paragraph", and format the same way. If you do not want for a table to have a title for any reason, you can use two blank lines.

Thirdly - Each time the Codify button is pressed, the code will gain a new random tag, and produce a different sample output. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, this sample does not correctly parse the nested sub-tables. You'll have to download and open the generator in a browser to see those in action.

Fourthly - You can produce different types of generator by adjusting the number of "breaks between outputs". For example:

Zero breaks (for/from Sheep and Sorcery)

Two breaks (from here)

Without further ado, the Automatic List Generator Mark Two! As always, no refunds. Let me know if you've used it for anything! I'm lowering the XP bounty to 20 for this one, since there are likely to be dozens of bugs.

Breaks between outputs (between 0 and 5):
- - - Sample output - - -

- - - Code Blob - - -


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  2. I'm excited about the work you're doing here. Looking forward to playing with this.

    1. Thanks! Do let me know of anything you make with it :)

  3. Are there any "best practices" for doing a sub table within a sub table? when it generates the sub-sub table option i will sometimes get blank results. here is the text i used to test it

    Sub Table Test

    1. Oh god. Um. That looks like it should work? Did some testing, does work. Phew! Basically any time there is a }{x} string it replaces it with the random generation call. Which seems to be working well! There's some redundancy, but I think that just adds an empty string at the end to close it out (allows for sub-tables inside other sentences)

    2. haha ok thank you! i just am not a computer logic person, so i wanted to check with the authority. i love and appreciate your hard work!

    3. Naww thanks, that means a lot to me!


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