Monday, January 13, 2020

Finders Keepers - Character Generator and Rules


Three stats
Strength - Lifting, breaking, resisting poison and disease
Dexterity - Sprinting, dodging, climbing, fiddling, lock-picking
Charisma - Yelling, lying, hoping for the best, looting
Lowest of 3d6 for each for the bonus (from +1 to +6)

Checks and Saves usually require a roll of 15 or more to succeed. Some actions may require a roll of 10+ or 20+.

1d6 max starting HP
Worn armour subtracts from damage taken
While at zero HP, each blow has a [dmg]-in-20 chance of resulting in death or unconsciousness

Starting gear
Gain Useful, Odd, Memento, Weirdness

Three options for additional gear:

A) Sum highest stat and HP [Standard]

2. Big ranged (d10), heavy armour (2a), Talent, Memento
3. Two melee (d6), light armour (1a), Arcana, Odd
4. One melee (d6), Arcana, Odd, Weirdness
5. Big melee (d10), melee (d6), small ranged (d6), Talent
6. Ranged (d8), light armour (1a), Failed Career, Useful
7. Melee (d6), small ranged (d6), Weirdness, Memento
8. Big melee (d10), Failed Career, Useful
9. Arcana
10. Small ranged (d6), Failed Career
11. Basic melee (d6)
12. Nothing

B) Start with XP = 12 - highest stat - max HP (see below for prices)

C) As above, but select randomly from available options [Gonzo]

Weapon damage:
Unarmed - 1
Improvised - d4
One-handed - d6
Noble - d8
Two-handed - d10
Emplaced/three-handed - d12
Light armour - 1a
Heavy armour - 2a
Shield - Sunder to block 1d12 damage, metal can be repaired
Buckler - Allows for defensive Gambits
Tower Shield - 1a from the front

Multiple Damage Dice
Each round, a single target only takes the highest damage shown on all attacks against them. Traits that grant additional damage dice, dual-wielding, or ganging up on an enemy follow the same rule.

If you spend your whole round trying to avoid getting hit, Make a DEX check. 15+ in melee, 10+ against ranged, 20+ while grappling or being held.

Say what you want to do with your attack (disarm, trip, knock over) and what will happen if you fail. It has to make sense. Make a Strength or Dexterity check to try it. 10+ most of the time, 15+ if the enemy is more skilful than you, has more legs, is bigger than you etc.

If knocked to exactly 0HP from full, gain a scar. If you gain a scar a second time, gain an affliction instead. The first time you gain a scar or affliction, increase your max HP by 1d6. Roll the die used to deal the damage:
  1. Shattered Hand - One of your hands is out of use until you rest and get it looked at, after which it's fine besides looking a bit gnarled
  2. Shaken Nerves - You stammer, twitch, or shake, unless you use something to calm your nerves.
  3. Lasting Pain - A nasty scar that causes intense pain if pressed on
  4. Battle Scars - A random limb or half of your face is badly scarred and you lose all feeling in it. If you roll this Scar a second time you also lose all movement of the affected area
  5. Gouged Face - A random part of your face is gouged enough to impair its use and look bad (d6) 1. Left Eye, 2. Right Eye, 3. Ears, 4. Nose, 5. Teeth, 6. Jaw
  6. Busted Lung - Your breathing is always loud and you can't hold your breath as long as normal
  7. Extremity Loss - Lose a finger, ear, or other small part of your body that you could live without
  8. or more, Afflicted - Abusive, paranoid, irrational, hopeless or something else. Anyone that rests with you nearby recovers 1 fewer HP

  1. Organ Damage - A vital organ is in critical state. If you suffer any other Affliction it gives in, and you die
  2. Fading Senses - One of your senses is slightly dulled now and is completely gone if you suffer another Affliction
  3. Disfigurement - Your injury has left your face totally disfigured
  4. Splintered Mind - A specific element of this injury is stuck in your mind. Take double damage if you are forced to relive it and don't spend time freaking out
  5. Lost Limb - One of your limbs is torn off or otherwise made useless
  6. Fractured Skull - You have trouble talking and making facial expressions. If you suffer this Affliction a second time your skull is utterly split open and you die
  7. Broken Body - You require a crutch or cane to go faster than a hobble
  8. or more, Shadow of Death - You shouldn't have survived that. You have nightmares of your own death every night. Roll 1d12 instead of 1d20 the next time you are damaged at 0HP
In return for making oaths, obeying love potions, character portraits, completing major quests in a stylish manner, acquiring achievements, going to heaven, solving problems effectively etc. you gain XP. You spend XP only at character creation, in return for additional items:
1 - Useful Item, Failed Career, Memento, melee weapon, small ranged weapon, shield
2 - Odd Item, Weirdness, big melee weapon, ranged weapon, light armour
3 - Talent, Arcana, big ranged weapon, heavy armour

Like Radioactive Blood
All magical things taste weird, some smell weird, but a good lick will always tell you if it is magical or mundane.

Getting Better
Curses and diseases don't go away on their own. Neither do some injuries. If you want to get better, you'll have to try something and roll 20+ on a STR check (injuries and disease) or a CHA check (curses, some diseases). If you don't succeed, then that method will never work, but you can try something else. "Hoping for the best" counts as a method.

If you take more than 10 damage in a round, take another d8 damage next round, or d4 if you roll around in agony on the ground

Other Things
A.K.A. "Oddular Mechanics"
Enhanced: Damage dealt increases to d12. Often against a vulnerable target or risky attack.
Impaired: Damage dealt decreases to d4. Attacking against cover, or while blind.
Deprived: Cannot heal until you get what you need. When it gets deadly, take d6 damage each unit of time - warmth [hour], water [day], food [week-ish], air [round], companionship [month ?]

Prepare for Climbing - Konstantin Vavilov

Deserted waters - Hjalmar Wahlin

A. Shipwright - Constellation Swordsmanship

Rob Vital - Ordinary day

Dune Wonder - Ryan Lowe



    This is so greaat

  2. I can't stop generating characters!

    I love how each of them gets abilities where you can just about see how much useful they could be in many situations.

    1. Glad to hear it! It's a fine line to tread, but I'm pretty sure nothing is too broken even if you can use it every turn

  3. Also how do you do initiative?

    1. That's a damn good question. I've messed with a few systems, Into the Odd uses a DEX check if you *really* want to go before an enemy, otherwise things just happen in an order that makes sense.

      For fun thematic boss fights (like with a dragon) do things like this:

      1. Boss declares an attack (dragon breathing in)
      2. Everyone rolls a DEX check
      3. If you pass, go here
      4. Boss attacks (fire-breath)
      5. If you failed, go here

      But only for important fights. Otherwise, things can just all happen at the same time more-or-less

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