Saturday, August 3, 2019

GLOG Curse: "Wizzard Bidness"

This isn't "Wizard Business". This is "Wizzard Bidness". It's the difference between a scientist and a science enthusiast. Everything is going to go wrong, and it'll be your fault, but man, look at all these results! For further reading, see here.

This is a Curse class for the current GLOGosphere challenge. The first template is accrued through critically failing a Save vs. Fear upon seeing someone else be killed in a horrible accident while visiting the Haunted Alchemabulary. Rather than taking the sensible option of running and screaming, you feel an overwhelming curiosity. Maybe that only happens sometimes. Maybe it happens all the time. Either way, it's time for more TESTS.

Other, truly wonderful and/or bizarre GLOG Curse classes:
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This can only go well. Credit Jan Weßbecher