Monday, October 1, 2018

Saker's Summon Hack (Now with Buttons! and Poor Decisions!)

More automation! This time coming from/built for the excellent Saker Tarsos. Best used in conjunction with his tables, as some entries will require you to add additional limbs/powers. However, this generator will immediately give you the majority of the details for any unfathomable abomination spewed forth from the abyss, allowing you to keep up the flow of the game at your table.

Potential uses
1. The spell Inflict Appendage summons [dice] hostile appendages from the targets flesh for [sum] rounds. If cast on a willing target, the duration is [sum] minutes, and the appendages should be treated like any other weird hireling.

2. If a ghost should manage to kill the representative sent to collect them, yet be without a body, just Summon one for them! Nothing could possibly go wrong with that. Nope. Not. A. Thing. Generate with 1d12 HD, only has 1d6 HD if the ghost manages to take over.

Caster INT:
Caster Level:

The question is: would you prefer if it was on your side? Credit Kory Cromie


  1. Oh this is sooo cool! I'm glad you and Saker did this! If I ever finish my apoptomancer class this will be a game changer for it!

    1. Damnit! I forgot to click the notify me button again >.<!


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