Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wand / Staff / Bullshit Generator

Another satisfied customer. Credit Piotr Uzdowski

A more usable generator from the Wand Article I posted recently. The spells themselves are from, oh, just about everywhere. Most of them are from Skerples or Arnold, but I make no promises. Interpretations of their effects are up to you! The list of materials are below, this generator uses a d20 for the first material (less gonzo) and a d30 for the full set. This, sadly, prevents such material combinations as "Poetry and Ectoplasm", but we can't have everything now can we?


  1. Teak
  2. Oak
  3. Yew
  4. Mahogany
  5. Elm
  6. Bamboo
  7. Gallows Wood
  8. Bone
  9. Nickel
  10. Copper
  11. Tin
  12. Silver
  13. Gold
  14. Raw Gemstones
  15. Glass
  16. Amber
  17. Fulgurite
  18. Steel
  19. Carbon
  20. Starmetal
  21. Phoenix feather
  22. Dragon heartstring
  23. Mermaid scales
  24. Blood
  25. Wax
  26. Ice
  27. Ectoplasm
  28. Uranium
  29. Poetry
  30. Dreams


  1. Do you have descriptions for the spells? Some of them are a bit ambiguous as to their effects.

    1. I unfortunately do not. I've been collecting these spells for quite some time. I have added a few links that might give you a hand, but the current list I've got is just the names. Sorry!

  2. Replies
    1. It's not as clever as it looks. I found a list of 1900+ European last names quite a while back, and I've been using a random selection from that for the names here. Then I just mess with them a bunch! Nothing to it.

    2. Cool! Procgen drives me wild and it's always fun to look under the hood. :)


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