Quick Hirelings

How this works:

  • Spend 1d10 silver by buying a round of drinks for everyone and telling them about your plans for adventure. However much you spend, you find that many hopefuls.
  • Each hireling has a set cost to "buy" them. This is a combination of the debts they have to pay off before they can join you, the supplies they need to buy, and a chunk of their pay. You won't need to pay them any more after that, but they'll want a modest cut of any treasure.
  • Each hireling costs 1d4 gold, rolling another d4 and adding if you roll a four. Max 12 gold. Each additional d4 is an extra Hit Dice (1d8 hitpoints) and improves their overall capabilities. 1 HD hirelings are non-combatants, 2 HD hirelings will accompany you into battle, and 3 HD hirelings are seasoned adventurers themselves.
Example hirelings
  1. Urchin, simpleton, drunkard, dog
  2. Linkboy, mason, carpenter, fisherman
  3. Porter, rich dandy, blacksmith, medic, hunter
  4. ---
  5. Local fighter, bandit
  6. Mercenary, priest
  7. Foreign warrior
  8. ---
  9. A proper adventurer
  10. Assassin
  11. Grizzled veteran
  12. Wizard


  1. These are great, thanks for sharing!!

    A rich dandy with two barrels of cider is definitely somebody I want on board...

    1. Thanks, let me know if they ever end up on a table anywhere!


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