Finders Keepers - Lists

Useful Item
  1. Rope
  2. Tinderbox
  3. Crowbar
  4. Caltrops
  5. Bandages
  6. Bag of lard
  7. Bottle of liquor
  8. Copper wire
  9. Hand-drill
  10. Fishing rod
  11. Bladder of oil and a match
  12. Fake gold coins
  13. Grapple hook
  14. Iron spikes, 3
  15. Padlock and key, 3 sets
  16. Bucket of pitch
  17. Wooden pole
  18. Sack of flour
  19. Hammer and nails
  20. Chain, 10ft
  21. Lantern and oil
  22. Sack of rations, 9
  23. Bear trap
  24. Bottle of poison
  25. Healing herbs, three doses
  26. Lockpicks
  27. Vial of acid
  28. Bottle of holy water
  29. Powerful lodestone
  30. Bottle of laudanum
  31. Ice skates
  32. Elastic cord, 10ft
  33. Pliers, loop of wire
  34. Jar of glue
  35. Weighty iron tongs
  36. Metal flasks, 3
  37. Bag of costume jewellery 
  38. Lute
  39. Snorkel
  40. Flint and steel
  41. Small tent
  42. Scented soap, 3 bars
  43. Pitchfork (d6)
  44. Barbed and weighted net (d6)
  45. Small metal mirror
  46. Bag of chalk
  47. Holy symbol
  48. Jar of grease
  49. Sack of ground pepper
  50. Towel
  51. Iron ingots, 3
  52. Wind-up clockwork toy
  53. Excellent pair of boots
  54. Smoke bombs, 3
  55. Axe (d6)
  56. Long roll of paper
  57. Sachets of potent spices
  58. Sturdy shears
  59. Box of metal springs
  60. Silver needle and silken thread
  61. Large wheel of expensive cheese
  62. Heavy iron pipes, 3
  63. Waterproof bag
  64. Censer and chain
  65. Bottle of stimulants
  66. Alchemists tape
  67. Paper, quill and ink in a writing case
  68. Ironbound holy tome
  69. Satchel of charcoal
  70. Pickaxe (d6)
  71. Cold chisel
  72. Bag of salt
  73. Bottle of sleeping pills
  74. Small barrel, rolls easily
  75. Sack of ball bearings
  76. Pungent perfume
  77. Hefty tarpaulin
  78. Shovel (d6)
  79. Bale of silk
  80. Flask of alchemical coolant
  81. Jar of leeches
  82. Spyglass
  83. Whittling knife
  84. Mortar and pestle
  85. Magnifying glass
  86. Hand-cranked propeller
  87. Dye bottles, RGB
  88. Big candles, 3
  89. Bronze water-syringe
  90. Spectacles with tinted lenses
  91. Sack of coal
  92. Compass
  93. Silver dust
  94. Bottle of alchemical base - Any weird liquid added will make it into a related potion
  95. Ornate hand mirror
  96. Pair of steel shackles
  97. Mosquito net
  98. Set of bellows
  99. Zwish Army Knife - Comes with a blade and three other attachments (1d8): 1. File, 2. Magnifying glass, 3. Lockpick, 4. Tweezers, 5. Corkscrew, 6. Hook, 7. Screwdriver, 8. Scraper
  100. Empty potion bottle, 3
  101. Twice-Boiled Lock-Grease - Applied to an open lock, allows the door to close and be seemingly locked. Anyone that knows the grease is applied can easily open it again
  102. Gorgok Bladder - Elastic sac small enough to fit in a closed fist. When struck, the bladder will rapidly swell to 3ft. Can shatter wood and bend metal
  103. Hole-Breakers, 3 - Single-use pitons. When used with a hammer to breach a hole in a solid surface the result will always be a 4ft diameter hole
  104. Bottled Ghost - When released, it can do one of: learn a secret about a named target, control the lights and locks of a dungeon room, reveal three locations on a map
  105. Bottle of Muta-Metal - Pours out and solidifies into the shape the holder is picturing, an item, a weapon, a chain, a seal around a door. Rusts and shatters in a few days
  106. Bottle of Blue Goo - Thick and sticky, stains heavily, smells like forgotten yoghurt. Interferes with magical items, any creature that gets it on its bare skin will be horrified
  107. Bottled Lightning - d12 damage to nearest metal target. Might be recharged by a real lightning strike
  108. Potion of Healing - Heals the drinker to full HP+5 or fixes one recent injury
  109. Potion of Cloudkill - d6 poison damage per round until dispersed 
  110. Potion of Sealing and Binding - When unstoppered, releases writhing sticky black tendrils, enough to fill a room
  111. Potion of Haste - The drinker can take 1d4 damage to move or take another action, as many times as they want in a single round. Damage applies each time
  112. Potion of Invisible Flame - d6 fire damage per round, without heat or light
  113. Potion of Shrinking or Growing - 50% chance of each, 5x larger or smaller
  114. Potion of Telepathy - Links together everyone that takes a shot
  115. Potion of Chaos - Grants the powers of a random Arcana until the drinker falls asleep
  116. Potion of Resurrection - Add the fingernails, blood, spit, and hair of a corpse. Turns the drinker into them, with their memories, until they fall asleep
  117. Potion of Parrot Juice - Allows the drinker to mimic sounds until they leave the area they are currently in. Probably not made of parrots. Probably
  118. Potion of Polymorph - Transforms the drinker into a random animal until they eat something
  119. Potion of Head Swapping
  120. Potion of Etherealness - Turns the drinker into a ghost until they exhale
  121. Potion of Weightlessness - Lasts until next touching the ground
  122. Potion of Fusion - Combines two things that are splashed while in contact
  123. Potion of Lignification - Turns the drinker into a tree
  124. Potion of Bad Luck - All critical successes are critical failures, disadvantage on checks if the drinker really needed them to succeed, and take 1d6 damage at a random point each day. Cured like a curse
  125. Potion of Eye Growing - 1d6 of them, random locations. Each has a 50% chance of working right away, otherwise it might need fixing somehow
  126. Potion of Mutation - Drink for one, inject for 1d6 mutations
  127. Potion of Control - The drinker will obey the next three instructions they receive
  128. Potion of Love - Makes the drinker fall in love with the next person they see OR with the owner of hair in it
  129. Potion of Mana - All spells deal +1d6 damage or otherwise have their affects increased. Lasts until the drinkers is damaged or drinks water
  130. Potion of Liquefaction - Poured onto a hard object causes it to melt into an oily version of itself. Drunk, turn into an oozy puddle that can vaguely move. Wears off in sunlight, slowly
  131. Potion of Blindness - Whether drunk or splashed into eyes, permanent
  132. Scroll of Summoning - Whatever the reader describes appears in a flash of sludge. What it does next is completely up to it. Alternatively, the reader can describe what they want the summoned entity to do, something will show up but it might not be ideal
  133. Scroll of Teleportation - Must be somewhere the reader can see, or knows extremely well. Otherwise (1d4): be cast into the outer void, be sunk deep into the earth, appear screaming in the sky, end up somewhere pretty alright
  134. Scroll of Gore - Next time the reader is damaged, spray blood and guts in a wide arc. Illusory, but look and smell pretty realistic
  135. Potion of the Legendary Fighter - The drinker is possessed by the spirit of Braddon the Breaker, a legendary hero who was devoured by an alchemical ooze. They cannot use magical equipment or abilities, but have +6 STR and doubled HP. Lasts until they forget they are Braddon or sleep
  136. Potion of the Legendary Scoundrel - The drinker is possessed by the spirit of Mingola the Thrice-Vanished, a legendary hero who was devoured by an alchemical ooze. They cannot use magical abilities or large weapons, but have +6 DEX and can't be hit while dodging. Lasts until they forget they are Mingola or sleep
  137. Potion of the Legendary Sorcerer - The drinker is possessed by the spirit of Vasho Hightower, a legendary villain who was devoured by an alchemical ooze. They cannot use combat abilities, weapons or armour, but have +6 CHA and can command all animals and elements. Lasts until they forget they are Vasho or sleep
  138. Potion of Intelligence - Makes you incredibly smart, 1-in-6 chance of it wearing off each time you say something, which makes you incredibly dumb ("duhhh"). Dumbness lasts until you sleep
  139. Scroll of Adventure - An inverted treasure map. Tells you to do something brave and/or stupid. If you do it, 1-in-6 chance of becoming a treasure chest. Otherwise, gives you another instruction
  140. Scroll of Hideous Death - Hits a random target that hears the scroll read aloud, including you
  141. Scroll of Convenience - Gives you one item that you'll probably need soon
  142. Scroll of Catherine - Summons Catherine, a woman in a blue dress, who obeys polite requests. Disappears soon after the tasks are complete
  143. Scroll of Mending - Inorganic targets only
  144. Scroll of Duplication - Complicated, living or magical targets will probably be duplicated poorly
  145. Scroll of Dispelling - Prevents a single magical effect from activating while the scroll is being read, once the reader stops the scroll is used up
  146. Scroll of Move Curse - Requires a willing or immobile recipient, animals might only take half the curse
  147. Scroll of Transmutation - Turns an object or immobile target into something you have a sample of
  148. Scroll of Illusion - Whatever you can describe in a single breath appears somewhere nearby. Acts vaguely correctly, if silently. Lasts until touched
  149. Scroll of Sleep - Anyone who hears you read the whole thing aloud falls asleep
  150. Scroll of Knowledge - Answers three questions of your choice on a particular topic. Must be the same topic. Vague questions give vague answers
  151. Scroll of Reverse Gravity - 
  152. Scroll of Returning - Draw the attached glyph somewhere or on something. When used, this scroll either teleports the reader to the location, or the object to the reader
  153. Scroll of Invisibility - Lasts until you make a noise
  154. Psicrystal of Madness - When broken, every sentient creature in eyeshot is rendered (1d4): blind, prone, screaming or armless until someone explains to them that it’s not real
  155. Psicrystal of Faith - While holding it, the user can do anything if they believe they can do it. Shatters afterwards
  156. Psicrystal of Sending - Anything whispered into it is heard by every creature from here to the horizon, then it shatters
  157. Psicrystal of Antimagic - When broken, all currently active spells in the area end suddenly
  158. Psicrystal of Fear - While held by a sleeping creature, manifests their nightmares for everyone within earshot. When the sleeper wakes, the crystal shatters
  159. Psicrystal of Creation - Constructs an illusion in the mind of a single named target. Looks, sounds and feels real. Lasts until its proven to be false or if the illusion would damage the target, then the crystal shatters
  160. Psicrystal of Swarming - Once activated, breaks into three flying crystals, each with 1hp, dealing d4 slashing damage
  161. Psicrystal of Genesis - Once activated, can be moulded into any shape the user desires, but cannot increase in size. Works once
  162. Psicrystal of Defence - Once activated, grows to surround your body in a thick layer of tough crystal. Easy to shatter from the inside
  163. Totem of Protection - When held close to the body, blocks a single spell, then snaps
  164. Totem of Feather Falling - Snap while falling to float gently down. Alternatively, snap against something to make it weightless for a few moments
  165. Totem of Rest - Snap to recover d6 HP and feel incredibly alert, relaxed and focused
  166. Totem of Power - Snap to recharge a magic item, or in place of expending it
  167. Totem of Fog - Snap to produce a cloud of thick fog
  168. Totem of Turning - Snap to cause d6 undead to cower and flee, starting with the weakest
  169. Totem of Confusion - Snap to cause everyone nearby to swap places and situations
  170. Totem of Escape - Snap to teleport outside of the structure you are in
  171. Totem of Armaments - Snap to create a random melee weapon. The weapon is made of wood, but sharp as metal
  172. Totem of Flame - Once snapped, both ends begin smoking. The next round, each explodes for d6 fire damage


  1. Flute
  2. Broken locket
  3. Tea-set for two
  4. Knucklebones of a saint... probably
  5. Bottle of something tasty
  6. Flask of something strange
  7. Box of snuff
  8. Tobacco pouch
  9. Fluffy cushion
  10. Hand-written poetry
  11. Dog collar
  12. Diploma
  13. Potted succulent
  14. Warm cloak
  15. Unsent letter
  16. Chess set
  17. Tobacco and pipe
  18. Drinking horn
  19. Questionable mushrooms
  20. Novel, half-read
  21. Silk top-hat
  22. Vial of glowing blue substance
  23. White wedding-dress
  24. Clerical vestments
  25. Marked cards and loaded dice
  26. Music box
  27. Ceramic demon mask
  28. Ring with hidden compartment
  29. Shiny locket
  30. Challenging puzzle box
  31. White powdered wig
  32. Worry stone
  33. Cracked monocle
  34. Double-headed coin
  35. Red piece of string
  36. Strangely familiar boots
  37. Mining pick that looks half-melted and terribly bent
  38. Wooden training sword
  39. Brass doorknob
  40. Treasure map drawn by a child
  41. Shaker full of beans
  42. Shiny rock
  43. Bag of humanoid teeth
  44. Ring of rusty keys
  45. Tiny steam engine
  46. Silver ring missing its gem
  47. Small sewing kit with some red thread
  48. Old military medals
  49. Iron nose ring
  50. Shiny rock
  51. Dried ear
  52. Box of tiny bells
  53. Jar of honey
  54. Hefty, ornate bronze key
  55. Shopping list full of potion ingredients
  56. Broken music box
  57. The lid of an inkwell
  58. Fist-sized toy elephant, made from soft yellow wool
  59. Jar of preserved apples, sealed with bound red leather
  60. Copper heart locket with a tooth in it
  61. Slender bone flute with carefully drilled triangular holes
  62. Journal recounting the life of an anxious baker
  63. Nesting dolls
  64. Ornate flask with old ale in it
  65. Note reading "I'll be back soon. Stay safe. I love you."
  66. Ornate case, inoperable
  67. Deed for a castle dated hundreds of years ago
  68. Scroll with ancient fighting technique
  69. Jar full of mismatched buttons
  70. Three steel arrowheads
  71. Roll of fine parchment
  72. Flag of an enemy kingdom
  73. Child's blanket
  74. Horse saddle buckle
  75. Bag of thumb tacks
  76. Empty box of many things
  77. Talking onion
  78. Fancy clothes
  79. Rolled up rug
  80. Bearskin cloak
  81. Etched skull
  82. Owlbear feather quill
  83. Page from a grimoire
  84. Single dragon's scale
  85. Mother of pearl button
  86. Brown haired wig
  87. Screw or bolt from some strange machine
  88. Peg leg
  89. Melted iron symbols
  90. Message in a bottle
  91. Wedding ring
  92. The winding key of a clockwork toy
  93. Set of spectacles
  94. Pet collar with a broken latch
  95. Single, tiny brass gear
  96. Ewer of wine
  97. Single chess piece
  98. Rabbit foot
  99. Incomplete deck of cards
  100. Walking stick
  101. Common-looking flask
  102. Toy doll
  103. Set of apparently useless keys
  104. Empty potion bottle
  105. Rock with two painted eyes on it
  106. Tear-stained confession from a prince/ss
  107. Broken pendant
  108. Stone statue
  109. Sword handle
  110. Quill pen
  111. Single silk stocking
  112. Gigantic light green sock
  113. Tiny book of Sylvan writing
  114. Tiny hat
  115. Bag of marbles
  116. Trumpet
  117. Bottle of Black Pear Wine - Once drunk, allows you to perceive and interact with (the rather dangerous) Black Pear Trees. Otherwise, they don’t exist
  118. Squid - Alive and well in its jar. Seemingly cramped, but very happy
  119. Bottle of eyeballs
  120. Wizard doll, complete with tiny hat, robe and wand
  121. Dried fairy, stuck through with a pin

Failed Career

  1. Peasant - If you are shown how, you can do any task about as well as your instructor, so long as they give you continual direction
  2. Farmer - You always know either what’s wrong with a crop or animal, or how to fix it, but never both
  3. Shepherd - You can cajole animals in any direction
  4. Hunter - So long as you pay appropriate respects to nature, she will respect you as one of her own (which might include respectfully eating you)
  5. Thresher - If anyone can find a needle in a haystack, it's you
  6. Gardener - You can dig up any plant without immediately killing it, given proportionate tools and time
  7. Butcher - You can bleed every last drop out of a corpse, and make anything into sausages
  8. Lumberjack - Trees you cut always fall the way you want
  9. Baker - So long as you’ve got flour and fire, you can make anything into a cake or pie
  10. Fisherman - You are incredibly patient, and can wait for something as long and exactly as required
  11. Author - If you go on a proper adventure and live to write about it, it's got a 50% chance of being successful. Only one chance
  12. Priest - When you bury a body and perform a funeral rite over it, that body cannot rise from the dead
  13. Launderer - Able to determine the source of any stain, and how best to remove it
  14. Well Maker - Always know the distance below soil to water
  15. Blacksmith - Recognise all metals and ores on sight, including all the grey ones (most of them)
  16. Cobbler - You can ask one question about someone based on their shoes or well-defined bootprints, it'll be answered so long as its possible
  17. Merchant - Once, ever, you know exactly what it is that will make someone accept a deal, and you have it in your pocket
  18. Butler - You can instantly recognise if something is out of place, if you've seen the room before
  19. Carpenter - If you examine a lump of wood, you can determine what object or item it would most easily be carved into
  20. Mason - If you examine a lump of stone, you can determine what object or item it would most easily be chiselled into
  21. Squire - You can sacrifice yourself to save somebody else
  22. Grave Robber - The first time you'd be cursed, it hits the closest person to you
  23. Sailor - You know the traditions required to placate gods and spirits of wind and water, including the ones that don't exist. You can't swim
  24. Jester - You can make everyone forget the last thing you said by saying or doing something even more outrageous
  25. Soldier - You can eat anything, sleep anywhere, complain about everything and always run faster than your allies
  26. Experiment Survivor - You were deemed a mixed success (1d4): d6 ranged, d8 melee, d6 acid, d4 psychic, but not usable (1d4): while at 0 HP, while at max HP, in sunlight, while hungry
  27. Aristocrat - You've lost everything, but until they realise it, everyone will defer to you
  28. Companion - If you are giving someone a massage, they'll answer one question by accident, even if they weren't intending to
  29. Smuggler - You can pass off magic items as mundane with a moments work
  30. Thug - You don't care if you get your nose broken (again), and can fight with any one-handed weapon while grappling
  31. Stonecutter - You can smell when a rock-related accident is going to occur
  32. Cutpurse - Your footsteps are silent, so long as you are walking carefully
  33. Hermit - You know one vague yet menacing prediction about the future. Perhaps it'll come to pass
  34. Brewer - If it can rot, you can turn it into booze
  35. Cooper - You can tell at a glance if barrel is full, empty, damaged, broken or tampered with
  36. Glassblower - With access to a hot enough flame and pure sand, you can make bottles, vials, cups, "art"
  37. Librarian - If you repair and return a book to its rightful place, you can access its contents mentally
  38. Jeweller - If a gemstone or piece of jewellery is real, you'll always know immediately upon inspecting it
  39. Prisoner - If you sit still and do nothing, you can do without either food or water (but not both)
  40. Tinker - If you sell something to someone on the road, you can make a prediction about their future. It'll happen to them if they deserve it
  41. Sinecure - You did absolutely nothing in your job, but you can easily impress anyone with your seals and signatures so long as they don't pay attention
  42. Fletcher - Don't bother tracking mundane arrows, you can always make more
  43. Trapper - Crows and other scavengers will trade you trinkets for scraps
  44. Farrier - You can reshoe an animal in such a way to deal up to d8 damage to the next rider
  45. Servant - If someone expects you to be somewhere, you are completely invisible to them
  46. Gambler - If you ask someone outright whether they are lying or not, you can tell if the "no" is false. If they dissemble, get angry or don't answer, it doesn't work
  47. Cupbearer - You are immune to ingested poisons
  48. Miner - You can "see" in total darkness as far as you can reach
  49. Scribe - When you read or hear a new language for the first time, you can declare you have total fluency in it. Works once
  50. Shaman - If you yell at some clouds, they'll either go away or rain on you
  51. Actor - Once you get fully into character (takes some time and a costume), nothing and nobody can convince you to break it against your will
  52. Haberdasher - If you meet someone while wearing an outlandish hat, they'll always remember the hat instead of you
  53. Milkmaid - One animal that you care for will never sicken, get lost, or be stolen
  54. Thatcher - You are uncannily good at finding and plugging leaks
  55. Philosopher - You know the exact and complete answer to one question posed
  56. Tax Collector - If you so choose, you can say a single normal sentence to someone and make them hate you completely
  57. Poet - If you make up a rumour or spread a fact about someone, it’ll always stick. They’ll know it came from you though
  58. Beekeeper - The first time you’d die from poison, you are instead cripplingly ill for a week
  59. Outlaw - If you threaten someone, even idly, you can tell what they value most in life
  60. Apocathary - If you know the recipe for a concoction, you can ignore one of the ingredients
  61. Spy - Tell someone your name to learn one of their secrets
  62. Rat Catcher - You have a loyal pet rat, it understands everything you say, and would die for you
  63. Crooked Cop - Roll 1d4 for each new interesting person you meet. 1. They owe you a debt, 2. You owe them a debt
  64. Firefighter - Heal 1d4 when you save any person
  65. Postman - Start with three letters or packages, to be delivered to people of your choice
  66. Ferryman - You always know which way the tide is going. The first time you check, it’s going the way you want
  67. Witch - If someone mocks or openly disrespects you, you can inflict them with a random curse (defaults to turning them into a frog). Works once
  68. Cultist - You can sacrifice yourself to summon an aberration
  69. Bureaucrat - Always know exactly how much it would take to bribe somebody
  70. Miller - Given enough plants, a source of power and a big rock, you can make food for everyone
  71. Tanner - Given enough urine, you can make hides and skins last forever
  72. Bookbinder - Start with as many awful, useless or broken books as you can name
  73. Diplomat - You can say three words in every language
  74. Weaver - You can turn material into thread, thread into cloth and cloth into clothes while doing something else
  75. Fortune-Teller - If you read somebodies fortune you know what they want to hear, as well as a harsh truth
  76. Banker - People always accept your promises of future riches are true or at least plausible. They'll probably follow around to make sure you pay up
  77. Herbalist - Declare that any weed or leaf has useful properties. 50% chance of being right, roll only when tested
  78. Barber - While giving someone a haircut, they’ll tell you their life story if you answer in kind
  79. Cook - By making it into "brown" you can remove the positive and negative traits of strange meats
  80. Porter - If you are carrying something bulky and valuable, you can sunder it like a shield (block 1d12 damage)
  81. Chandler - You can turn leftover grease into candles with effort and ash. Strange meats and strange ashes make for strange candles
  82. Mountebank - You can turn practically anything into "medicine", it might even work
  83. Cheesemonger - Start with a horrendously pungent wheel of cheese
  84. Clockmaker - Start with three unfinished clocks. Plausible useful as alarms, timers, trap triggers, and shrapnel
  85. Rebel - Start with three firebombs (d6) and a bunch of pamphlets
  86. Jailer - Start with an immense ring of keys, handcuffs and a cudgel (d6)
  87. Minstrel - Start with an instrument of your choice. If you sing while travelling, your companions will move a little faster (to get away from it)
  88. Gladiator - While at 0hp, kill an enemy in a stylish manner to restore 1d4hp. Requires an audience
  89. Plucky Urchin - So long as you aren’t carrying any weapons, you can’t be killed by weapons unless you are specifically executed
  90. Warlord - Start with a man-at-arms (6hp, d6 weapon, 1a) and a camp follower (2hp). Both will betray you if you are weak
  91. Lawyer - Your cutting words and scathing arguments deal 1 damage
  92. Drunkard - Take a swig to heal 1hp, even if it’s poured down your throat

Odd Item

  1. Magic coin with your face on it. At will you can teleport it back to yourself, no matter how far away it may be
  2. Indestructible nail of adamantine
  3. Journal that writes back to you
  4. Powdered mix of shattered wands and ground unicorn horn
  5. Hawk, can communicate telepathically with you. Has an attitude. 4hp, d4 claw
  6. Ooze preserved in formaldehyde, will grow bigger and stranger if fed
  7. Tattoo, it moves about your body at will... just not always yours
  8. Skull-crack - You can project your thoughts given time and a nosebleed
  9. Ethereal flare, attracts spirits if burnt
  10. Glass eye, you can still see through it if it's popped out
  11. Single bead of curse-metal in a lead box
  12. Snuff, causes confusion and delight when inhaled
  13. Tiny Moon - Mostly orbits you if you let it out of its bag, but intensely curious. Reflects sunlight from somewhere different
  14. "Yeast" - If you add it to a small barrel of organic matter and water, it spontaneously becomes strong alcohol overnight. Leave the jar nearby, it'll climb back inside once it's done
  15. Earth-Angel - Tiny clay figurine that can be smashed to cause an earthquake
  16. Threatening Probe - Has no function, but glows and vibrates in a way that suggests it could be used for distributing extreme pain
  17. Gore Candle - Any injuries that happen in the presence of this candle's light are extra painful, messy, and harmful, dealing +1d6 damage
  18. Nugget of very impure gold the size of your fist
  19. Dark purple tea from beyond the seas. Properly brewed, it helps send departed spirits on their way, and can cure wounds of the soul. Burned, it makes a potent sacrifice to any god
  20. A deal made with the monster under your bed
  21. Everice - Never melts
  22. Stick of the Titan - Hits for 3d8, then breaks
  23. Sovereign Glue - Stick anything together
  24. Universal Solvent - Dissolve any bonds
  25. Dimensional Shackles - While a target is bound, they cannot teleport, dematerialise, change form or otherwise escape via magic
  26. Grim Lantern - Glows for 1d10 hours after a sentient creature dies near it
  27. Dramatic Cloak - Will flutter behind dramatically, hide weapons, keep you warm. Feed it rats
  28. Windbag - Hold it open to catch one, slam it shut, open it again to release it
  29. Box of twenty big bright blue matches. When struck, light whatever is being stared at
  30. Small metal box. If you place something in it, close the latch and give it a shake, when you open the box it will be (1d6): 1. Gone 2. Turned to ash 3. A different colour 4. A different material 5. Replaced with a different object 6. Bizarrely improved
  31. Wooden Pipe - You can learn secrets about something or someone by smoking a portion of it
  32. Half-tame Grumbleshrub - Can carry notes, supplies, daggers. Will follow basic commands, water it with blood
  33. Tiny hand-cranked electric generator
  34. Your family butler choked to death on a fishbone. Such was his loyalty, he came back to work the next day. He now follows you, mute and slightly mouldy, providing handkerchiefs to clean up messes and polishing metal objects
  35. You have a psychic connection to a dreaming priest several continents away. You'll never meet them, but perhaps they can help you
  36. Golden Hymms - Pair of golden bells, each will ring whenever its sibling does
  37. Chalky lump of rock from the moon, blue stain on one side. Throw it at a source of magic to interfere with it
  38. Small iron can, melted shut, with (1d6): "owlbear", "demon", "fireball", "house", "zombie", "harlot" etched into it
  39. Pete - A talking skull. Pretty chill, died a different way every time asked
  40. Rubbery, preserved eyeball. Lick it to see what it has seen in the last hour. Overuse can result in loss of motor functions
  41. Stone Bowl of Budget Fortune - Give a coin to a beggar, gather three hairs from three different animals, and fill it with rainwater. Drop in the three hairs one by one, and breath the steam. You will have a vision of a possible future. Each type of coin will only work once, and each type of animal will only work once
  42. Two sheets of paper, what is written on one appears on the other
  43. Strange, black egg, slightly flexible
  44. Three-pronged metal claw in place of a hand. No joints, it just bends when you focus on it
  45. Stiletto of Sentience - If you stab it into something, it animates, poorly
  46. Pet Rock - He is a prince amongst his people. He cannot talk, or move, but believes you to be very loyal
  47. Spirit, trapped in a chunk of worthless crystal. Is pissed off about it. Can twinkle at you menacingly
  48. Brain in a Jar - Studded with strange mechanisms. Feed it blood, ask it things
  49. Bag of Groan-salt - Scatter it on a wound to double damage, causes immense pain
  50. Jar of liquid dark - Open it to spray anti-light. Enough for about an hour of gloom if you let it trickle out
  51. Petrified Lightning - Break towards target. Wear a blindfold and earmuffs
  52. Idol of some forgotten demon or godling. Pray. Sacrifice. Build it a shrine
  53. Brain Jelly - Packed into the skull of a fresh-killed corpse, it will animate and perform simple commands
  54. Alicorn Powder - Cures all diseases, poisons and HP damage, but inflicts the Curse of the Alicorn (all critical successes are now critical failures)
  55. Fairy Dust - Allows you to fly, slowly, so long as you are thinking happy thoughts
  56. Bottle labeled "DO NOT DRINK"
  57. Silk Top-hat - It belongs to the irate talking rabbit that lives inside it
  58. Black Lotus - When smoked, 50% chance of gaining a random psionic power. Once it wears off, 5% chance of keeping it permanently, 5% chance of going insane
  59. Cracked chunk of stone, infomorphic. Will fix any ancient eldritch altars. If there's a missing piece, it will take its place
  60. Bag of Rust Dust - Enough to turn a full suit of platemail into scrap
  61. Bag of Angry Bees - Three hives worth
  62. Chunk of clay golem torso, twitches occasionally
  63. Dehydrated Devil - Don't allow it to come in contact with blood
  64. Termite Swarm - In a vial, impossible to get back in, good at devouring houses and doors
  65. Orphan's Top - Cannot be spun if there are any invisible undead nearby
  66. Blood of Luroc - Adds 1d6 rooms and 1d4-1 hallways to a building
  67. Tiny perpetual motion machine
  68. Mechanical torchbearer
  69. Glass cask of acid
  70. Carcerian Arrows, 3 - Arrows with forked iron heads, when more than one is fired in an area, iron chains sprout linking the arrows together
  71. Mighty Acorn - Grows into an oak when thrown
  72. Three iron coins. Disappear when flipped, to pay for an unknown service
  73. Ent logs, 3 - Powerful magical fuel, can be made into wands
  74. Destroyed phylactery
  75. Magic Key - Opens any door to an interdimensional room, the same one each time
  76. Eye Pebble. Anything it sees is reflected in a tiny mirror
  77. Sending Stamps, 3 - Attach it to something smaller than a breadbox with an attached address and it'll wind up near them
  78. Invisibility Tea-towel
  79. Crystal Ball - Shows far away places. Random location each time, maybe you can learn how to control where it shows
  80. Goblin Key - Locks any lock, can't unlock anything
  81. Omnidress - Can turn into any type of dress (can even imitate leather armor, but not metal)
  82. Physical remnants of a broken curse
  83. Small broom - When activated, will attempt to clean the dirtiest thing nearby
  84. Giant's Ochre - Anything painted with this pigment will double in size. Washes off easily with water or sweat. (If you paint yourself, it'll wash off after 1d6 rounds of sweaty combat)
  85. The Whetstone - Can sharpen anything with only a few swipes
  86. Dozen imp-and-lead cartridges. Each one fired is a sin
  87. Votive Candles, 3 - When burnt in prayer, summon an ancestral spirit that (1d4): 1. Berates you about your life choices, 2. Tells you one truth and one lie, 3. Tells you two truths and a lie, 4. Will help you to the best of its ability
  88. Homunculus Gum - Chewing it up grants you ownership over this small, rubbery, cranky, sticky golem. Can't move when dried out
  89. Grenades, 3 - Frognade, Anti-Gravity, Blasphemous
  90. Sending Stamps - Attach it to an object with an attached address and it'll wind up near them. Enough for three letters or small packages
  91. Bucket of illusory goop, forms into whatever you are thinking
  92. Mithril Needle - Twitches in the presence of a righteous, pure heart
  93. Green Slime - In a carefully sealed black-glass container. Converts any organic material into more green slime in seconds. Killed by fire and sunlight
  94. Deathroach Egg - Stored under a thick layer of special wax. Once this is peeled away, the deathroach hatches in minutes. Whatever flesh it tastes first is the only thing it will ever kill or eat. The roach is sleepless flying murder machine. Care should be taken to sterilise the victim's corpse with lye, lest its brood hatch and hunt without guidance
  95. Sword Hydra - When broken, sprouts two new blades
  96. Extremely Cursed Thing - Long, sharp, has a handle, deals d6 damage. If you say what it is, you gain a curse
  97. Invisible Rapier - Don't forget which end is pointy
  98. Talking, sentient hat with excellent (antiquated) fashion sense
  99. Silver mirror that shows an image of a random, distant locale every midnight
  100. Unassuming Candle - When lit, a black flame eats the light and darkens the area
  101. Wrought-iron crown of thorns. When the wearer tells a lie, they cry blood
  102. Small metal box, captures up to an hour of tinny (literally) sound
  103. Whip used for self-flagellation. Wounds caused bleed terribly, but do not hurt
  104. Ring of Swimming - Wearer treats air as if it had the consistency of water. You can "fly" by swimming through the air, but the air is too thick to breath. Other water penalties also apply
  105. Ring of Petrification - Turn to stone while worn, reversible if ring removed
  106. Ring of Alternate Self - Roll once per wearer (1d6): 1. swap gender, 2. invert stats, 3. different lifestyle, 4. different race, 5. minor cosmetic difference, 6. corpse
  107. Ring of Good Omen - Absorbs a curse, spells or disease, difficult to "clean out" safely
  108. Ring of Tact - Twisted metal, buzzes horridly when you're about to say something "bad" for the situation (you can take 1d4 damage to take back the last thing you said)
  109. Tome of Curses - Reading a paragraph causes agony, a full page inflicts a random curse
  110. Serrated Dagger - It can't cut flesh ever
  111. Vivid Paint - Anything painted comes to life but can't leave the surface it was made on
  112. Crows Teeth, 3 - Transforms you, but not your equipment, into a crow until you feast upon a corpse
  113. Scimitar of Time - Appears for one second each hour
  114. Singing Crystal - Once touched, hums oddly for a while. Comes wrapped in silk
  115. Jar of Prima Materia - Materially improves the structure, material, capability etc. of whatever it is poured on. Rather poisonous (or so it seems)
  116. Tarrasque Scale - Don't get it wet!
  117. Tiny Mimic - It lives in your bag. Feed it crickets
  118. Alchemical glass chunks - Doesn't react to acid, poison, heat or cold
  119. Enigma - Whatever it is, looking at it directly or thinking about too much causes insanity
  120. Wax Charm - Requires a candle and an hour, if the candle is lit and burns out, a small effect occurs like tipping over strongly, flaring up, or melting into a specific shape
  121. Exploding Cocaine - Three sachets of fun
  122. Clockwork heart, still ticking, highly volatile
  123. Quartz Flute - Notes played on the flute also create ephemeral coloured lights
  124. Ingots of platinum-occultum - Respond telekinetically to strong thoughts
  125. Sheaf of gold-occultum sheets - Ultra-conductor, put in contact with any acid or energised medium will result in bolts of lightning
  126. Spool of tin-occultum wire - Impossibly flexible and elastic, springs made from this material are incredible and dangerous
  127. Lump of copper-occultum alloy - Flexible memory-metal, bends in the hand, slides back into shape
  128. Jar of mercury-occultum alloy - Silvery fluid, seems to enjoy picking locks, solving puzzles, unscrewing jars
  129. Hand Mirror of Lies - Whoever holds it controls what it shows
  130. Cup of Judgement - If you drink from the cup and have committed the sin engraved upon it, die immediately
  131. Golden Anklet-Bells - Cheery sound can be heard for miles by the undead, who hate it and will risk true death to end their ringing
  132. Slayer Kit - Mirror, salt, silver wire, silver knife, silver shackles, holy water, stakes, mallet, garlic, wolfsbane, all in a sturdy many-pocketed bag
  133. “What, This Old Thing?” - Once, ever, you can declare that you’ve been carrying any item that hasn’t yet been seen in-game. It might be a cunning fake, a knock-off or won’t quite meet your description, but it’ll still be what you say it is
  134. Dulcet Wires - Lamellophone that is held in the mouth. Makes your voice much softer and higher. If held in the mouth backwards and upside down, makes your much voice rougher and lower
  135. Wheeled Boots of Mobility
  136. Jar of Magnetic Fire - Also known as phlox borealis, this purple flame only burns northwards, and will do so until it hits water
  137. Jar of Phlogiston - This fire is naturally predisposed to move pistons, heat water, melt iron and perform chemical reactions, as opposed to base fire which merely seeks to spread
  138. Jar of Kraken's Ink - Glass jar slightly more transparent than anything around it. When poured on an opaque surface, the ink instead corrupts light that falls open it. Looking at this unstable spectrum rapidly causes mental trauma
  139. Siegestones, 3 - A single stone is enough to blast down a barred wooden door in an instant. Using more than one at a time is inadvisable
  140. Cigarettes - Smoke to heal d4 hp. On a 4, you are addicted and cannot heal at all without a smoke
  141. Wizard Teeth, 3 - Crush it up and snort it to gain a single-use spell that the wizard knew
  142. Wizard Skull - Contains 1d6 bizarre spells, but getting them out is tricky
  143. Witch Heart - Absorbs curses during casting. 1-in-6 chance of exploding, releasing all held curses. If pierced, automatically explodes
  144. Saint Eyeball - Lick it to reveal hidden spectral presences. Afterwards, have a seizure for d6 rounds 
  145. Druid Tongue - Eat it to learn the language of an animal you are looking at. 1-in-10 chance that it replaces a different language you know
  146. Warlock Ash - If smeared on face, clothes and hair, fools magical detectors into thinking you are them
  147. Jar of royal blood
  148. Magical Teabags, 3 - If steeped properly in pure boiling water, produce a potion. Only works if drunk hot. Dipping directly into open wounds is not advisable 
  149. Longhand Gloves - When the thumb is pulled in and the other fingers held straight, six-inch metal wires extend from each digit
  150. Bell of the Book-Imp - Summons a small, ugly imp that can memorise any book, as well as recite passages from it. Only remembers one book at a time
  151. Nine-Foot Pole - Wooden pole with an iron core, when tapped near a magical trap, the trap will make a noise based on its effect
  152. Tunnel-Rat's Pipe - Hollow iron pipe, one end is sharpened. A strange valve allows air to flow only from the sharpened end to the blunt end, and not the either way around
  153. Faceflayer of Glitterdeep - Green gemstone knife. Slain targets have their face is replaced with smooth, featureless flesh in 1d6 rounds
  154. Havoc Warboots - Renders your kicks as effective at kicking down doors, smashing chests and breaking skulls as a good quality axe
  155. Tripwire Knives - Pair of two-pronged throwing knives. If thrown accurately, can cut a tripwire and pin both ends without springing the trap
  156. Ring-Dart - 1 damage if punched into exposed flesh. Secret catch on ring causes the barbed-dart to retract to the ring, d6 damage
  157. Squidskin Sandals - So long as you are sprinting at considerable speed and aren't carrying much, you can run on water
  158. Magnetic Jackboots - Allow you to walk on metal surfaces no matter the orientation


  1. Exceptional Tongue - Your tongue is strong and prehensile and as long as your arm
  2. Four-Letter Vision - You can echolocate as long as you're cussing
  3. Connoisseur of Rage - You can taste emotions
  4. Behold Yourself - You can change your hair and eye colour every time you see your reflection
  5. Not All There - 1-in-20 people believe you are a hallucination. They will persist stubbornly despite evidence
  6. Bitter Heart - You can make food and drink bitter by scowling at it and thinking nasty thoughts
  7. Three-Faced-Liar - Strangers will believe the first three words you say
  8. One of your arms is invisible. Not gone, just completely transparent
  9. A Gentleman's Agreement - When you die, you can always come back as a ghost
  10. Owed a favour from a prescient mage. Once you decide what you want for the it, turn over a rock (or equivalent). Has to be something someone could have placed there many years ago
  11. Satan's Little Finger - Actually just the last digit, it's half the size of your forearm. Unknown powers, but you'll instinctively know if there are other body parts nearby
  12. Slime living symbiotically in your digestive tract
  13. Avenging Angel - When you die, an angel bursts from your corpse and slays everything
  14. No belly button
  15. You cry oil
  16. Soul Gaze - Looking into someones eyes allows you to ask their subconscious one question. They get to ask you one back
  17. Quadruple Jointed - One of your arms has an extra two elbows
  18. Diplomatic Immunity - If in a strictly fatal environment (black hole, lava etc.) you can survive for 1d6 rounds. Works once
  19. Bloodline - A random bodypart is improved, as they were in the ancient times. Roll d8 on the list of Scars, the first time you’d get that result, lose the improvement instead
  20. Second Chance - Instead of dying, a random nearby ally takes your place. Works once
  21. Bird in the Hand - Can remove and reattach your hand. You can still control it while it's detached
  22. Names of people you kill appear on your skin
  23. Powerful Name - It echoes and reverberates whenever pronounced 
  24. Soul Devourer - If you slowly kill someone whose name you know, you can heal all HP or absorb one of their traits
  25. Living Bomb - When you die, explode for 2d10 damage
  26. Indestructible Hand - While you are alive, your hand cannot be harmed by anything
  27. Murder Whistle - You can whistle loud enough to deal 1 damage in a 50ft radius
  28. Hidden compartment in chest
  29. Glowing Teeth
  30. Guide Wires - If about to fall over, wires and clamps leap from ears. Cannot be knocked prone
  31. Strange Blood - Blood is replaced with (1d8): 1. Glass, 2. Water, 3. Glue, 4. Ants, 5. Sand, 6. Sap, 7. Spiders, 8. Milk
  32. Even Stranger Blood - Blood is replaced with (1d8): 1. Fire, 2. Sound, 3. Even more blood (unlimited), 4. Light, 5. Tiny people, 6. Vacuum, 7. Eyeballs, 8. Failed potions 
  33. Wyrd Eye - d8: 1. Red dot shows wherever you are looking, 2. Black orb, weeps oil, 3. Red, glows in the dark, 4. Orbits head, empty socket, 5. Green and wobbly, becomes a slime if you die, 6. Grey and milky, sees shadows and souls only, 7. Blue, random location, 8. Cyclops
  34. Additional Eye - d6: 1. Forehead, 2. Palm, 3. Stalk, 4. Back of head, 5. Tongue, 6. Cluster on face
  35. Eldritch Marks - d6: 1. Blue star on forehead, 2. Grey spots and lines, like constellations, glow faintly at night, 3. Silver lines around eyes, 4. Glowing red circle on forehead, 5. Chest covered with sigils, burned, scarred, 6. Fingertips leave neon traces
  36. Ferric Nature - You are slightly magnetic
  37. Retractable Head - It sucks all the way into your chest
  38. Voice of the Gods - When attempting to intimidate or impress others, there is a 1-in-6 chance thunder rolls off in the distance
  39. Owl Neck - Your head can spin around completely
  40. Rixator Ignis - You can intimidate small fires into going out by yelling at them
  41. Stony Air - You can grab handfuls of gases as if they were solids
  42. Trollblooded - You can regrow fingers and toes
  43. Powerful Guesser - You can make eye contact with someone and know their second worst fear
  44. Haunted - The last enemy you killed haunts you until you replace them
  45. Background Fade - When determining an effect that will target one member of the party randomly, you will never be selected
  46. Mimicry - After listening to someone for a few minutes, you can perfectly replicate their voice. Only one voice at a time
  47. Chameleon - You can change the colour of your skin at-will
  48. Water Breathing - You can breath underwater. Duh. You can't heal HP in very dry environments
  49. Noxious Gland - Your saliva is greatly acidic
  50. Dreaming - When you die, you'll wake up in the real world
  51. Saintly - You haven't committed a sin in your entire life so far
  52. Hallucinogenic Blood - Roll 1d6 if splashed, drunk or sprayed into eyes: 1. Arms made of snakes, 2. Metal is delicious, 3. Ants in your eyes, 4. In the emperor's harem, 5. Slowly turning to sand and trickling away, 6. Everything is going reeeeally sloooowly
  53. Worthy Successor - By making a ten minute speech listing the traits you seek to find, you can bind weapons or armour to a location, thrusting a sword into a stone etc. Afterwards, only someone with all those traits can move the item
  54. Temple Body - Your body will never rot. You are immune to gangrene and some other diseases
  55. Purification - Your kisses can undo curses. Particular horrid curses might be inflicted upon you in turn, but you'll know this before you try
  56. Selective Invulnerability - You take no damage from the first attack you are hit by. You'll never take damage from that type of weapon or element, ever
  57. Cause Sneeze - Cause sneezing with an evil glare
  58. Peace of Mind - By closing your eyes, you can nullify as many of your senses as you wish
  59. Noble - So long as you maintain your high class standards, block the first disease you would suffer from
  60. Happy - Instead of suffering from a madness, lose this ability and have a morose revelation instead
  61. Hungry - You can eat a ration in a blink to heal d6
  62. Come Out, Come Out - You can learn whether you're being observed by posing the question aloud
  63. Sleepless - You don't, and can't, sleep
  64. Feign Death - You have no perceptible body heat, heartbeat or breathing
  65. Vampirism - You don't need to eat, sleep, or breath, but you must drink blood. Allergic to sunlight. Powers and weaknesses develop as you drink more people
  66. Fae Touched - Anything you say in rhyme is treated as true, whether the listener is mortal or universal. The touch of iron burns you like acid, as do broken promises
  67. Horns - 1d4 of them, sprouting from your head
  68. Marked - Ghosts come and find you of their own volition
  69. Daily Organ Failure - Disadvantage against poison and illness, but neither can ever kill you
  70. Nervous Expertise - Your fine-motor skills are advantaged, but impossible to succeed upon while you are being watched
  71. Inner Strength - You are two creatures in one. Your internal ally is boisterous, hungry, and an excellent fighter (d6, 1a). Decide what form they take
  72. Surprise! - Confetti shoots out of any container you open for the first time
  73. Goldfinger - Your fingers are made of gold, but are still usable as fingers. Valuable, but never grow back
  74. Second Opinion - Your arm has a mind of its own. It can help make decisions, but it fundamentally disagrees with you on some key issues
  75. Botched Internal Compass - You can always choose to get lost, even when it should be impossible
  76. Martyr - Anything that kills you must save or die
  77. Snakes for Hair
  78. Brachiator - You can swing from your arms as fast as you can jog
  79. Bullish - When you see the colour red, you fly into a fury. You can resist, with effort
  80. Gunshot Joints - When you crack your knuckles, it makes an incredibly loud sound
  81. True Omnivore - You can eat anything at all
  82. Cosmic Awareness - You can detect disturbances in the universe. It's not particularly useful
  83. Dragon-Sneeze - You sneeze flame
  84. Addict - If you resist an obvious opportunity to get your fix, you can't heal until you get some. You can easily mask any phobias, insanities or debilities when you are suitably satisfied
  85. Pious - You can pray instead of eating food, but you might still die of starvation. If you have been cursed or sinful, you must atone/confess before you can heal
  86. Empty Headed - You are immune to learning, common sense, insanity, fear, mind-reading and sin
  87. Lightning Rod - Iron spike from head. Immune to lightning damage. Triple damage from magic
  88. Candelabra Head - 2d6 brass arms grow from your head. Can hold candles, potions, or amulets
  89. Blind - You can sense the location, position and temperament of every object and creature within 30ft
  90. Deaf - You can lipread perfectly and can sign with one hand
  91. Old - You walk a little slower, but nothing can ever slow you down further
  92. Demigod - Your parent was a very minor deity, but you have "absolute" control over an aspect of their realm
  93. Fey Mood - You know how to create an artefact of considerable value. If you aren't making progress on it however, you risk madness
  94. Southpaw - You have two left hands and two left feet
  95. Scion of Hell - You know how to summon a particular demon. Unfortunately, you are likely to get the "answering machine"
  96. The Perfect Criminal - You leave no fingerprints, have no identifying features or scars, and are incredibly difficult to pick out of a crowd
  97. Distinctive - Whether it is your hair, your face, your accent or some combination, anyone you meet will remember you
  98. Gnomish Trick - You can turn invisible if you hold your breath, stay very still, and close your eyes
  99. Betrayer - You have horns, and deal double damage to allies
  100. Goblinoid - Your bones are cartilage, you can only eat meat and you can smell as well as a dog
  101. Elven Attitude - No wild animal will harm you unprovoked, and are apt to follow you or even help. You take 1 damage if you come anywhere near apologising, or are forced to interact with something ugly or distasteful
  102. Ogrish - Taste anything to know its origin, but you can't stop yourself from eating
  103. Metal Bones - You are incredibly hard to knock over, and sink like a stone in water
  104. Stone Skin - You are immune to fire, and have disadvantage on swimming and running
  105. Reptilian - So long as you are warm, you can consume rotten meat and brackish water with impunity. Being very cold prevents you from healing at all
  106. Seraphim - When you are angry, proud or joyous, you manifest a pure aura and/or a halo
  107. Shark-ish - You grow a new razor-sharp tooth every day. Make sure it has room!
  108. Homunculus - You are immune to any spells that have to target a person, and can be brought back to life (or something like it) given enough medical attention. You take 1d6 damage if you disobey a direct order from anybody
  109. Born-of-War - When you kill an enemy in honourable combat, you can ask a question of your future in their entrails
  110. Tough As Nails - If you suffer an injury you’ll clot in seconds and scar in minutes. Surgery is nearly impossible, but you’ll never die from blood-loss
  111. Tougher Than Nails - Sharp weapons will splinter if thrust directly into your bare flesh. Same damage as normal
  112. Hammer-Fist - One of your hands has been replaced with a simple tool (d4): hammer, saw, shovel, pliers
  113. Your spit is highly flammable
  114. Two of your limbs have no bones. Your choice which ones
  115. Voice of Prophecy - You can speak in dramatic and bizarre tones at will, might give yourself a sore throat if you over use it. No matter what you say, everyone will listen
  116. Dramatic Corpse - In the second before your death, you turn into a statue (only works once, if that ever matters)
  117. Easily Modified - Your body responds to limb or organ replacements exceptionally well, just stitch it on/in and away you go
  118. Eternal Rest - When you die, your soul will exit your body in a pillar of flame and become a new star
  119. Transmigration - When you die, your spirit will become meshed with that of the nearest small animal
  120. Know Thyself - You can commune with anything infecting, inhabiting or otherwise within you
  121. Smoke Rings - Shape the smoke from a pipe as you wish
  122. Tears of Mercy - Your tears (and also blood) soothe pain and hurt
  123. Encephalovore - Eat the brains of sentient creatures to learn their memories
  124. Iron Eyes - You can see magnetic fields
  125. Arboreal Fate - You grow into a tree when you die
  126. Mystic Name-tag - Everyone who sees you knows your name
  127. Cloud-speaker - Standing in the rain grants you news from far away lands
  128. Star-kissed - Meteorites and shooting stars will fall on/near you, given half a chance
  129. Clockwork Heart - You require a powerful motive force in order to wind up and heal, like rushing wind, flowing water, electricity. You are immune to poison, undeath, soul-magics etc
  130. Featherstep - You don't leave footprints
  131. Poison Spot - Blue coin-sized spot on your stomach. Anyone that touches it will probably die
  132. Hinged Head - Enormous toothy grin ear-to-ear. Head opens like a box
  133. Spit Teeth - d6 damage but you'll run out some day
  134. Helpful Tentacles - Two red and blue tentacles appear on shoulders. They try, badly, to help
  135. Open Soul - Glowing blue mark on forehead, double the effect of all spells both positive and negative
  136. Memorial Bones - When you die, your skeleton will twist into a tombstone detailing your name, life and death
  137. Portable Heart - Your heart has fallen out. You can only feel emotions while it’s within 10ft of you
  138. Odd Invisibility - Invisible while seated in a chair. Has to be a chair. No benches, stools, etc.
  139. Mighty Thoughts - Your hair stands on end whenever you think difficult thoughts
  140. Steady Hands - Unnaturally steady. Will never spill a drink. Anything held will not tip or dribble
  141. Wizard Whistle - Lips become purple. Can whistle to summon your hat or weapon to your hand
  142. Wizard Rage - While angry, you temporarily grow fangs and a frilled red neck crest
  143. Wizard Eyebrows - They glow when you experience strong emotions and sometimes shoot sparks
  144. Curse Palm - If you slap someone very hard in the face, they must Save or gain a runic scar
  145. Musical Flesh - You ring like a bell when struck
  146. Unusual Nose - Grows 1 inch whenever you tell a lie
  147. Dark Halo - A triangle of vibrant black hovers over your head
  148. Geometric Shadow - Your shadow is a perfect rectangle
  149. Glowing Tongue - While yelling or screaming, your tongue glows as brightly as a lantern
  150. Mirror Face - Your face appears to be that of whoever you are talking to
  151. Wizard Voice - Mouth moves out of sync with speech, as if speaking a different language 
  152. DOOMED - You will die in seven days. Until then, you are immune to Fear, Disease, Stun, broken bones, poison, unholy magic, taxation and instant death effects
  153. Clap your hands to take 1 damage and teleport 1ft
  154. Cross legs and close eyes to hover a few inches off the ground
  155. If you hold your breath, you weigh as much as a feather
  156. Pleasant, exotic, spicy smell. Can turn on and off at will
  157. Rain or snow will not fall on you
  158. You are invisible to cats
  159. Eyes Like Stars - You can cause your eyes to glow as bright as a torch. This renders you blind until you turn them off. Leaving them on for significant durations may damage your eyesight
  160. Everything is On Fire - If you suffer from an insanity, everything catches on fire
  161. Poison Breath - You can breath any toxin with impunity, but those sharing a confined space with you will eventually take d4 poison damage
  162. Heart Puppet - By squeezing the heart of something that died in the last minute, you can give it one more round of life
  163. Devouring Maw - Your jaw can stretch to impossible sizes
  164. One Thousand Lives, Once More - You've been reincarnated hundreds, if not thousands of times. Perhaps you'll find out why this time
  165. Changeling - You are a child of the fae, a doppelganger sent to take the place of a real child
  166. Really Good Dog - You are a dog. You can understand the words of your allies and anyone they are talking to, but if you are interacting with NPCs alone, you are pretty clueless
  167. Enchanted Blade - You are a magical weapon that can mentally dominate anyone you stab or are wielded by. You have +0 STR and DEX and half max HP until you spend a full day attuning to a new body
  168. Dead - You are undead. You don't need to eat, drink, breath, sleep. You'll start rotting soon, and you'll need to replace bits of your body, mind and soul
  169. Two Goblins in a Big Coat


  1. Improvise - Any item you weren't holding a second ago deals d10 damage, once per item
  2. Out of Line - Declare an ally “off-limits”, deal x2 damage to their attackers
  3. Rugged - Reroll a failed check by taking 1d6 damage, no limit
  4. Headtaker - Dealing 10 damage with an attack automatically removes a head of a creature
  5. Fashionable - Fancy clothes provide 1a
  6. Druidic Knack - Exceptionally good at predicting the weather (you'll probably just be asked what you think the weather will be tomorrow)
  7. Seventh Sense - If an enemy has an additional power or deadly attack, focus on them to learn of it's presence . You'll know its there, but no details
  8. Incredible Reflexes - Wearing a loincloth or equivalent and nothing else grants 1a
  9. At All Costs - You can survive the death of the rest of your companions, if possible. You lose everything else though. Works once
  10. Wall Crawler - You climb just as well without climbing gear as with it. If a climb would be trivial using gear, you don't need to roll, even if you're free-climbing. If a climb would be impossible using gear, you can roll anyway
  11. Mischief Maker - You can disarm, trip or pickpocket any enemy without a roll as an action. Only works once per enemy
  12. Party Rivalry - Choose another party member as your rival. Gain the exact opposite of one of their abilities. If they die, you lose this ability and are filled with a profound sense of loss
  13. At one with the Land - Pick or roll (d6): grassland, desert, mountains, forest, coastal, tundra. Each time you enter a new instance of that terrain, ask a question. It’ll either be answered, or you’ll know where to get the answer
  14. Double Jump
  15. Hoard Breaker - If you are dual-wielding and surrounded by enemies, you can make a single attack against every enemy
  16. Scrounge - If you dig through a pile of trash, you always gain a random item
  17. Quicksort - You instantly know how much of something is in a pile
  18. Angry - Always attack first if you immediately charge
  19. Bizarre - Instead of rolling a d20, you can flip a coin, heads critical success, tails critical failure. It never looks like skill
  20. Cowardly - Block the first attack while fleeing for your life
  21. Cruel - When you down an enemy, you can either kill them brutally or let them live in pain
  22. Curious - When you search, you can always find something hidden, good or bad
  23. Linkboy - Torches you hold last three times as long
  24. Desperate - Drop to 0 HP to automatically succeed on a check
  25. Fated - Once, ever, roll with a +10 bonus
  26. Light Finger, Heavy Blow - If you've stolen something from somebody and they don't know you have it, deal +d8 damage when you hit them with it
  27. Determined - After you stand up from prone, are disarmed, dropped to 0HP or are grappled, you can declare that you are getting serious. This may cause enemies to have second thoughts
  28. Flamboyant - While active you are always noticed first in a crowd
  29. Gallant - People you protect reroll failed saves
  30. Greedy - Know the exact value of anything you hold
  31. Confidence - Advantage to all rolls in a day until you fail one, give up on something or are thwarted
  32. Breaker - Make a disadvantaged Strength check against someone you are grappling to tear off a limb of their choice, this also breaks the grapple
  33. Helpful - Your friends can reroll a d20, once per person
  34. Innocent - Anything will hesitate to kill you, at least for a moment, if you ask them for it
  35. Knowledgeable - Learn a new rumour each session
  36. Armourer - You can resize armour to fit anyone, so long as you have the materials for it
  37. Weaponsmith - You can turn two broken weapons into a single working one, combining some of the traits in the process
  38. Locksmith - Once you’ve picked a lock at least once, you can repick it without a check, or with a check as single fluid motion
  39. Monstrous - Convert an insanity into a mutation over a rest
  40. Paranoia - Receive a warning before you do anything extremely dangerous. No details
  41. Pompous - Enemies that fail a morale check and would flee/rout (not retreat) instead grovel
  42. Righteous - Counts as a shield against anyone philosophically opposed to you
  43. Stalwart - The first time you would die in defence of another, you are instead healed to full
  44. Zealous - Your voice counts as a holy symbol
  45. Tactician - If you plan a battle and its still going to plan, everyone joining in can block 1d6 damage once
  46. Cleave - Make an extra attack when you down an enemy
  47. Pugilist - Make an extra attack per round while unarmed
  48. Montaya - Once, ever, say your catchphrase, full name etc. to your sworn enemy to heal to full and gain an extra attack for the rest of combat
  49. Metabolic Control - You can set your body to x2 as fast or x2 slower. Takes a full day to tick up or down. Eat, age, run and think at that speed
  50. Devastator - If you stun an enemy or knock them prone, make another attack
  51. Unseen Flurry - Make an extra attack if the enemy cannot see you
  52. Nightmare - You can always move faster than someone who is running away from you and fleeing for their life
  53. Sentinel - Make an free attack when an enemy retreats or moves past you
  54. Leader - Make an extra attack when you charge into battle
  55. Berserker - Make an extra attack per round while you are frothing with rage
  56. Veteran - Make an extra attack per round while in formation
  57. Wolfpack - When you have an enemy surrounded, anyone in the group can make a free attack each round
  58. Lawbringer - For every real crime you know the target has committed, you can make a free attack or grapple check against them, one per turn
  59. Mage Slayer - Make an attack immediately against an enemy in melee range that casts a spell
  60. Omnilingual at Insults - You can swear, curse and blasphemise in every known language
  61. Drunken Master - After taking a swig of strong alcohol as an action, the next attack against you automatically misses and hits a random nearby target
  62. David - Deal +1d6 damage with one-handed weapons to any large target that is on the ground, surprised, blinded etc.
  63. Duelist - So long as you fight with one weapon and a hand free, you can make a gambit when you are attacked
  64. Rabid - Your bite deals d6 damage and freaks everyone out
  65. Wind Stance - Immune to ranged attacks if you are unarmed, unarmored and prepared for them
  66. Alchemikludge - You can kludge a potion into three doses with half effectiveness each, reverse a potions effect, distil alcohol, make soap, turn gold into lead, grind lenses, and turn fire into any colour of the rainbow
  67. Architectish - You can make accurate mental maps and sketch them perfectly. You know the general plan of any building you see, as well as which walls are load-bearing, and where the designer may have hidden secrets
  68. Astrologonomy - You can make a prediction about the future overnight instead of sleeping. It always comes true, but it may be in a strange form, a dream, a message or applying to the wrong person. Also, you always know when the next major astronomical event is happening (the first time you use this, you can declare when it'll be)
  69. Mathematika - You can perform advanced algebra in your head, predict the flight paths of objects with perfect accuracy, accurately eyeball measurements, and judge the amount of strength (and length of lever) you would need to lift any object
  70. Etiquetteful - You know how to compose yourself and seem like you belong, no matter the social scene. You know the name of everyone who is anyone
  71. Orators Lungs - You can get and hold a crowd's attention for as long as you're speaking. Your voice carries over distances of up to a mile. If you shout, you can distract people in earshot
  72. Muse - Your artwork, whatever form it takes, can evoke a powerful emotion of your choice in those that experience it. This is exceptionally powerful if you are inspired by an event or location of great beauty or terror
  73. Engineerable - You can make ball bearings, springs, gears, lever-actions, winches and sundry other mechanical components from scratch. You can also turn a lot of ore into a small amount of pure, workable metal
  74. Conjure "Useful" Items - You always have a piece of string, a stub of chalk, a smooth pebble and a worthless coin in your pocket. You don't actually create or summon these items, only absent-mindedly collect them and somehow always have just enough for your needs
  75. Old Faithful - You always, no matter what, have a small dagger on your person
  76. Crossed the Deserts Bare - You can go three times as long without food or water as a normal person
  77. Breathed the Mountain Air - You can tell at a glance if a route is impossible
  78. Travelled Every Road in This Here Land - Once, ever, you and your companions can visit The Crossroads, which lead to any road reachable
  79. Brute - Advantage to STR checks, but either you, an ally or a held item takes d4 damage for each failed roll
  80. Locus of Mass - Advantage to STR saves with your hands pressed together
  81. Ritual - Advantage to DEX checks so long as you have time and something to calm yourself down, incense, an amulet etc.
  82. Nimble - Advantage to DEX saves while unarmoured and with both hands free
  83. Demagogue - Advantage to CHA checks if you are unarmed and relaxed (not running away)
  84. Protagonist - Advantage to CHA saves if you suffer them while protecting an NPC
  85. Glass Jaw - Take an additional d6 damage from all sources, deal an extra d8
  86. On The Shoulders of Giants - Defeating an enemy more powerful than you, whether in combat, in sport or other more esoteric fields, grants you one expendable use of their abilities
  87. Assassinate - You can wield positioning and timing like a weapon, dealing d8 damage with nothing but your hands and nearby objects
  88. Hypnotic Voice - If you are making eye contact with someone, you can make them repeat a sentence you say
  89. Martial Arts - Your unarmed attacks deal 1d6 damage, you don't suffer penalties from attacking armed targets
  90. The Fool - When you are in serious danger, declare that you are hoping for the best. You (and possibly your friends) will be removed from the situation in an unlikely piece of luck. However, you can't use this ability again until either you suffer an incredibly bad turn of luck, or mess up a plan (un)intentionally
  91. Unkillable - When you are slain, you rise again. You will die for good in five rounds, but not until then
  92. Chirurgeon - You can amputate and cauterise a wound as an action each, pull teeth with a hammer, and sterilise with vodka. It's brutal, but it works
  93. Bad with Maths - When you use up the last of a consumable resource, there's a 50% chance you had one left. If not, or once used, can't be checked again until you restock fully
  94. Knight - Gain heavy armour (2a), a knightly weapon (d8), and a horse (6hp). Are all of them yours?
  95. Indomitable - You can "sunder" a limb to block 1d12 damage
  96. Juryrigger - Spend a day replicating or overclocking a magic item, one use
  97. Nose for Trouble - You can always tell which direction has the most danger
  98. Perspective - Once per turn, make yourself the most or least noticeable member of the party
  99. Infiltrate - Walk offstage, declare you are a member of the NPCs present at any time
  100. Supreme Focus - Before beginning a task, you can set any number of conditions. Beyond being knocked unconscious or killed, nothing but those conditions will halt your trance-like progress
  101. Ludicrous Strike - When you disarm someone, remove a limb, or kill via decapitation, you can make a ranged attack at a nearby enemy using the lost object
  102. Judge of Character - By spending a few minutes in idle conversation with someone or engage in single combat, you can ask one question about them starting with “Why”
  103. Giddy-up - You can "speak" with any horse you are riding, so long as it likes you
  104. Titanic Grip - You can hold two-handed weapons and objects in one hand
  105. Snapshot Vision - Looking at a scene for less than a second, you can "store" it and review it later at your leisure. Can only store one moment at a time
  106. Stern Glare - 1d4 non-lethal, doesn't appear to be an attack
  107. Tiger Claw - If you extend two fingers, they are as sharp as a dagger and deal d6 damage
  108. Spear Kick - If you have space for a run-up, you can make a flying kick in a straight line in any direction. Deals d8 damage, knocks you prone
  109. Empty Palm - A free hand counts as a shield. "Sundering" doesn't destroy your hand, but you will have to return to a monastery and meditate for a while to recover it
  110. Bannerlord - If you are holding a banner, an ally that has sworn an oath to it can make an additional attack in a round
  111. Dramatic Entrance - At any point, you may exit the current scene. Later, you can reveal yourself to have been a background character, disguised as a bush, or swing in through an open space. Must spend at least that round announcing your return in a suitable manner
  112. Feat of Strength - Take d6 damage and add it to a Strength check you make, as many times as you want
  113. Hands Like Bloodied Meat-Hooks - Your hands deal d6 damage. You can choose to increase this to d8, but once you do so, you can never craft objects or use tools again
  114. I'M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET - By beating the shit out of someone or something that would've been killed last round, you can bring them back to gasping, helpless life for another minute
  115. Elemental Fist - Your unarmed attacks can deal damage of any element you choose, so long as you have a sample of it nearby. Deals d4 damage
  116. A Taste of Home - You can eat/swig the unique ration you've brought with you to heal to full HP
  117. Stand Tall - While protecting someone who needs your help, they gain 1a
  118. Funambulism - So long as you have both hands free, you can jump twice as far. If there is a stable wall to run on, you can move twice as far again
  119. Vengeance - If someone kills someone you care about, or destroys something you cherish, you deal x2 damage to them forever
  120. It Belongs in a Church! - Every time you return a valuable holy relic to the church where it belongs, gain a minor boon relating to that relic
  121. Last Stand - Take 1d6 permanent HP damage in order to heal to full
  122. Mantra of Pree Aesma - So long as you are carrying no weapons, your unarmed attacks deal d6 damage. You can take 1 damage to make an extra unarmed attack, as many times as you want 
  123. Principle of Cutting - No matter how damaged the weapon you are carrying may be, you can still use it perfectly and to its full extent
  124. Unquenchable Will - At any point, you can declare an action you will not take, like dropping your sword, moving aside, or falling over. After that, so long as you are conscious, it’ll never happen. Only one declaration at a time
  125. Monster Slayer - Track the biggest, most dangerous creature you have killed. Against anything smaller or weaker, you have 1a
  126. Mentor - Three events have to occur to use this ability: 1. Another character you have fought side by side with, dies. 2. Meet a new ally that has heard of the first. 3. You take the new ally as your protege and they proves themselves to be worthy. Afterwards, your new protege learns one ability your dead companion had
  127. Spot Opportunity - Each round, a random ally gains an extra attack against a random enemy
  128. Cannon - Deals 1d20 damage to a crowd, a structure, a stationary or large target. Takes ages to load, needs at least three people to transport. Start with enough powder for five shots. Misfire if you roll a 13


  1. Speak with (d4): 1. Fire, 2. Water, 3. Earth, 4. Air
  2. Speak with (d6): 1. Metal, 2. Lightning, 3. Ice, 4. Acid, 5. Dead, 6. Plants
  3. Speak with (d12): 1. Locks, 2. Shoes, 3. Blood, 4. Roads, 5. Potion, 6. God, 7. Stars, 8. Darkness, 9. Birds, 10. Dreams, 11. Lies, 12. Dave
  4. Detect (d6): 1. Illusion, 2. Invisible, 3. Observer, 4. Sin, 5. Water, 6. Fear
  5. Detect (d12): 1. Alcohol, 2. Birds, 3. Magnets, 4. Dave, 5. Drugs, 6. Polearms, 7. Clocks, 8. Paper, 9. Numbers, 10. Goblins, 11. Absence, 12. Garbage
  6. Word of Power (d6): 1. BREAK, 2. GROVEL, 3. CEASE, 4. FALL, 5. SILENCE, 6. RUN. Anyone who hears you pronounce it must incorporate it in their next action, somehow
  7. Word of Power (d20): 1. DANCE, 2. LIE, 3. YELL, 4. THROW, 5. LIVE, 6. TURN, 7. SPIN, 8. SLEEP, 9. LIVE, 10. BURN, 11. THINK, 12. SPEND, 13. SING, 14. LEAVE, 15. REMEMBER, 16. EAT, 17. PULL, 18. STRUGGLE, 19. HOLD, 20. IGNORE. Anyone who hears you pronounce it must incorporate it in their next action, somehow
  8. Rune of (d8): 1. Fire, 2. Water, 3. Earth, 4. Air, 5. Lightning, 6. Acid, 7. Death, 8. Life. Affix to a weapon or source of power to create an elemental alignment
  9. Rune of (d8): 1. Explosion (d10), 2. Locomotion, 3. Barrier, 4. Pain (d6 area), 5. Teleportation, 6. Magic (casts attached scroll or wand), 7. Summoning, 8. Dispelling. Requires magical fuel to recharge
  10. [blank] Wizard - You can enchant and control your domain (1d8): 1. Spider, 2. Silk, 3. Skull, 4. Drug, 5. Soul, 6. Gem, 7. Sword, 8. Gun. Once a spell has been cast on an item, it can't be used for magic again. Start with three uses
  11. Acid Arrow - 1d4 acid damage to target in you can see, ongoing until washed off or 4 is rolled
  12. Shocking Grasp - deal d10 lightning damage to held target, take d4
  13. Firesnap - Create a small flame at will (d4), easily ignites flammable material (d6 ongoing)
  14. Judgement - d6 radiant damage by lambasting someone for their sins
  15. Dread Curse - d6 necrotic damage to a target who believes they will soon come to harm
  16. Horrifying Thoughts - d4 psychic damage to everyone you communicate the thoughts to
  17. Glacial Heart - d6 cold damage to anything you hold and breath upon
  18. Magic Knucklebones - Implanted in the hand of your choice, deal d6 fire+poison damage, or d12 while holding a face. Only effects living creatures
  19. Resonant Link - By heating up or cooling an object, you can cause a very similar or identical object to change the same way
  20. Mage Hand - Manipulate anything up to 20ft away. If a roll is needed, use CHA
  21. Illusory Double - They can match you step for step, splitting apart on your signal. Die in a single strike, you'll need to hold a proper funeral for them to come back
  22. Alter Self - So long as you keep all your muscles tensed (no attacks or taking damage) you can change your appearance to match that of someone else
  23. Telepathy - You can speak into the mind of anyone you can see, they can reply if they make eye-contact with you
  24. Shapeshifter - If you wrestle an animal the the ground and eat it, you can transform into it. Works once per animal
  25. Wards of the Mind, Body and Soul - If you would suffer from a disease, curse or insanity, you can choose which of the three you would suffer from
  26. Rope of Repairing - When you whistle, this rope will bind itself back together, so long as it hasn't been burnt or melted
  27. Skim Thoughts - You can read the strong surface thoughts and emotions of those around you while concentrating
  28. Binder - Say the true name of a spiritual or undead being to give it a command. If it refuses, it takes 1d20 damage. Works once per creature
  29. Magic Shield - Block one attack as an action, so long as you can see the attack coming
  30. Enthrall - Stare into the eyes of someone whose name you know, and give them a command, optionally with a condition. They will perform it, in a daze. If made to hurt themselves or someone, they will snap out at the last moment
  31. Hex - Cause bad things to happen to a superstitious target by describing them happen in gruesome detail
  32. Wizard Vision - At a thought, you can detect if something is an illusion, invisible, shape-shifted, or a spellcaster. The price is either your sanity, as you reject the etheropelagic visions, or your soul as your are alienated from normal lifeforms
  33. Dowsing - If you hold half of something, it will tug towards the other half
  34. Spirit Confession - Touch someone to learn if they have killed another sentient creature in the last 24 hours
  35. Soul of Iron - Take 1d8 damage to reroll a save against a spell, demonic attack, or soul-altering effect. You can take the damage as many times as you like, wounds you take appear as stigmata or premature ageing
  36. Sacrosanct - Take d12 damage in place of a mutation, disease, disfiguring injury or anything that would alter your body against your will
  37. War-Form - You can transform at-will into a bestial oily monster with your face. +6 HP, d8, 2a. Transforming back is complicated at best
  38. Eternal Elemental Student - After you suffer a Scar from a source of elemental damage, you can learn to speak and eventually channel that element
  39. Seven-League-Boots - Sends you careening across the countryside with every step. Tripping deals d10 damage
  40. Rod of 77 Parts - One single piece. Tugs towards other parts if they are anywhere nearby, as well as (d4): 1. Deals +d4 necrotic damage, 2. Allows you to walk on water for three steps, 3. Make eye-contact to bind both the target and yourself in place, 4. Jump vertically great heights. Additional parts of the rod increase the effectiveness of all powers
  41. Bag of Holding - The size of a warehouse inside
  42. Ring of Organic Invisibility - Does not apply to equipment or clothing
  43. Alter Ego - Create a dissimilar persona, you can transform into them or back as an action
  44. Monocle of Entropy - If you stare at something long enough, it will fall over. 1 round for a candlestick, 1 minute for a sleeping cow, 1 hour for a small tree, 1 day for a cottage or large tree, 1 week for a castle. Must be within 100ft
  45. Witch-Thumb - Any seeds you plant grow to full adulthood and beyond within seconds and die within the hour. Nearby ground is rendered barren and no new seeds are produced
  46. Girdle of Gender-Change
  47. Orb of Binding - If you bonk it on the head of a heavily injured (but not dead) enemy, they might be trapped within the orb. Henceforth, you can summon them out of the orb as an action to fight for you. If they die, the orb cannot be used again
  48. Heavenbound Messenger - As part of an honest funeral, you can include a message or request do the gods of death with the body of the deceased. It'll reach them, eventually, but you best be respectful
  49. Goblin Horn - Blow to summon 1d6 goblins
  50. Runestones - Ask 1d6 yes/no questions of the stones, on a 6 something else comes to find you and answer
  51. Skindancer - By touching bare skin, you can transfer your soul into a new living body. Must be humanoid. The previous body feels as though not a moment has passed
  52. Fractal Conch Shell - Holds fifty litres of any liquid, fits in the hand
  53. Immovable Rod - Latches onto nearest planetary magnetic field when you press the button, detaches when you press it again. Quite strong, but not indestructible
  54. Crowbar of Reliability. Immune to bending, magic, acid, fire and most other things. Will abandon owners that use it in combat
  55. Fey Fletcher - Carving a targets name into an arrow will make it hit unerringly (max damage)
  56. Impossible Disguise - You can craft disguises so perfect that even you are fooled by wearing them. Specific people require elements from their life to make. Save or take on aspects of their personality each day you wear it
  57. Shadow Arts - Taking an action to centre yourself (lasts until combat ends), and an action to leave your shadow behind, you can return to your shadow at any point in the next minute no matter where you are
  58. Exploding Blasphemy Skulls - You can turn decapitated heads into improvised explosive devices
  59. Void Soul - You are immune to magic. You can't see, touch, use or interact in any way with spells, scrolls, wand, some potions
  60. The Last Job - Enchanted skull of a dead thief and a personal trinket from when they were alive. Trinket becomes hot if anything living is seen by the skull
  61. Gregor's Boots - Flashy red boots with ink-stained laces. If you jump at the exact moment a spell is cast at you, you will be flung away from the effect
  62. Partho's Diminutive Spear - Black-iron rod, 2ft long. Hidden catch extends it to a full-length spear, or compress back into rod form
  63. Chalk of the Pact-Maker - Nothing even remotely magical can cross a line drawn of this chalk
  64. Horrid Mask - Anyone wearing the mask cannot help but follow any command given, and will continue to perform it even if killed
  65. Limited Wish - Beware the recoil of powerful wishes. One use
  66. Flaming Blade - You can ignite any bladed weapon you hold, damages the weapon rapidly unless it is made of exotic metals
  67. Scabbard of Returning - A linked weapon you throw or drop can be summoned back to it
  68. Crow Feast - If you prepare a corpse, crows will come and tell you news
  69. Ironic Curse - Through the use of a sympathetic link with the target, either prevent them from repeating an action they just took, or force them to repeatedly take it
  70. Lantern of Revelation - Burns with blue flames that point the way to secrets
  71. Un-Eyepatch - Allows wearer to project their vision up to 30ft away
  72. Grim Harvest - The round after an enemy dies, you can spend an action to harvest their soul. You can only hold one soul at a time, and use it as a ranged attack equivalent to their damage. You'll likely find other uses for harvested souls
  73. Wand of Enchantment - Holly and amber. Animates furniture, can't command it, but some might be friendly anyway
  74. Wand of Recovery - Hazel and ruby. Restores function to a limb or body-part, but only while continuously applied
  75. Wand of Purification - Bone and amethyst. Cleans one target, and causes a different clean target to become equally filthy 
  76. Wand of Truth - Silver and oak. Causes forgeries and liars to glow
  77. Wand of Binding - Gold and onyx. Locks one thing together while focused upon, a joint, a lock, a lever, a knot
  78. Wand of Transmutation - Copper and flint. Turns (1d10) into (1d10): 1. Stone, 2. Mud, 3. Fire, 4. Flesh, 5. Metal, 6. Wood, 7. Slime, 8. Light, 9. Water, 10. Pain. Either slow, temporary, or must be recharged afterwards
  79. Wand of Illusion - Tin and paper. Allows you to draw illusions into being. Last until touched. If you want it to move, must recharge afterwards
  80. Wand of Insanity - Bronze and ivory. Target suffers a particular madness while pointed at them (d6): 1. Desperate to impress dance partner, 2. On fire, 3. Is a spider, 4. Floor is snakes, 5. Gravity swapped, 6. They are king, you are putting on a play for them. You can choose or invent a madness of your own, but requires charging afterwards
  81. Wand of Ventriloquism - Elm and emerald. Your voices comes from wherever it is pointing
  82. Wand of Magnetism - Yew and steel. Small button near the base that determines whether it pushes or pulls iron objects. No stronger than a man
  83. Wand of Zapping - Pine and sapphire. 1d6 lightning+force damage, very fast, if a 6 is rolled deals 1d4 damage until recharged
  84. Wand of Blasting - Onyx and iron. Knocks over a target that isn't braced for it
  85. Wand of Hellfire - Obsidian and bone. Ignites any target if continuously applied, one round for smoke, two rounds for flames. Can let the spirit inside loose, but you'l have to trap it again to use the wand
  86. Wand of Linking - Glass and marble. What happens to one marked target happens to the second
  87. Wand of Pain - Lead and stone. Inflicts incredible pain at close ranges, moderate agony otherwise
  88. Wand of Inversion - Balsa wood with a ruby tip. Explosions and fires instead freeze, loud noises muffle all sound, curses become blessings. Must be used at the exact same moment
  89. Wand of Treasure - Jade and glass. Tap an untouched chest with it to double the loot inside. However, if the chest is trapped you take double damage and it is automatically sprung
  90. Astral Projectionist - When you sleep and dream of a location, you can see what is truly there. Beware, for your body is uninhabited for the duration…
  91. Windup Golem - Knee high. Requires considerable force to wind the mainspring. Can follow up to 10 words of instructions. If the spring is broken, deals 1d20 damage to everything in a line
  92. Bottled Elemental - Random type, requires a suitable quantity of its material to survive outside the bottle
  93. Locked Grimoire - Contains 2d6 bizarre spells, breaking the lock deals d12 damage and inflicts a curse
  94. Runeblade - Can parry spells, reduce damage taken by d6. If damage matches exactly, reflect the spell instead
  95. Crown of Command - Power over (d4): ice, dust, metal, slime. Take 1 damage each time you use it, 2 for major efforts
  96. Scryball - Flapping eyeball, fuelled by brain fluid. Anything it sees is reflected in a matched crystal ball
  97. Cryptogrammer - Send an eight-letter message to anyone you see fit. Messages can be sent to specific people, types of people, in an area etc. They'll always know it came from you, and it might take a while to get to them 
  98. Wooden Mask - Binds when worn, user always sees out of the mask eyes instead of their own
  99. Ancestral Skullservant - When blessed with holy water at midnight, the willing spirit of one's ancestor may descend and possess the skull. They will have all knowledge they had in life and most of their personality
  100. Magnificent Folding Bed - A simple bedroll that unfolds into a comfortable four-poster bed. Anyone in the bed when it is refolded is dropped into a small pocket dimension filled with clean linens and forgotten clothing
  101. Shatter Cubes, 3 - Fragile glass cubes. When broken, anything they are in contact with shatters like glass as well
  102. Chime of Unlocking - 1-in-12 chance of breaking, otherwise opens any mundane lock with a loud ring. 1-in-6 chance of breaking on a magical lock
  103. Graven Visage - If you carve a face into wood, you can see and hear through it. Can't make a new one until the old is destroyed
  104. Flight - You can't carry anyone else or anything heavy, but you can definitely probably manage wobbly flight
  105. Mask of the Demiurge - While worn, sprout a glowing mandala of eyes and two extra arms. Only time will tell if this is an artefact of angels or demons or otherwise
  106. Doom Treader - By spending some time meditating, you can view your own corpse from an alternate reality that died from something reasonably likely and nearby
  107. Portal Rings - Anything passing through the red ring emerges from the blue ring at the same speed, and vice versa
  108. Knife-Blink - If thrown and max damage is rolled, the thrower is teleported to the target and is holding the dagger again
  109. Hell-Slave - Invisible murder machine, can't go further away than eyeshot, d10 fire+slashing damage. If you die and have used it even once, it'll take your corpse on a joyride
  110. Origamist - Animals you fold out of paper come to life
  111. Murder Nail - A tiny d4 spike. If used to kill someone, increases to d6 and so-forth. Once used to kill someone as a massive blade (d12), shatters into scrap metal and a tiny d4 spike
  112. Bronze Lamp - The spirit inside can't grant wishes, but it is strong, has vague magical powers and can't leave the lamp without permission
  113. Fireball - Begin charging as an action. If you are struck before releasing it, it explodes in your face. Throw as another action, dealing d12 fire area. If you roll 10+ then whatever used to cast with is lit on fire as well
  114. Conjure Lightning - Once per real storm, direct where a lightning bolt will go
  115. Psychic Awakening - Your latent telekinesis is as strong, as precise and as dangerous as a drunk giant. d12 damage if used directly, control your temper
  116. Timeglass - This spyglass shows what something looked like ten years ago
  117. Candle of Fate - Place a hair as the wick. As the candle burns, the owner of the hair will age preternaturally fast, dying as the candle burns out. This candle can burn for "100 years" of lifetime, taking about an hour total
  118. Silver Coin - Contains a fallen angel. Will offer you knowledge, and perhaps power. Don't accept
  119. Destined - You cannot be killed be any man
  120. Secret Name: Shaimok - When you fire any handheld ranged weapon, it does not obey gravity, travelling in a straight line until it hits a target. If you tell someone the word, you will transfer this ability to them. If you die, Shaimok remains with your corpse
  121. Secret Name: Phacops - At any moment, you can choose to die. Your body rots into dust immediately. The next morning, you will be reborn from the dirt beneath the location where you last awakened from sleep. The word remains in your old skull, and must be retrieved. If you tell someone the word, you will transfer this ability to them
  122. Secret Name: Deiphon - You can walk on water. The bottoms of your feet still get wet. If you tell someone the word, you will transfer this ability to them. If you die, Deiphon remains with your corpse
  123. Secret Name: Destra - You can learn what magic someone knows by looking in their eye. If you tell someone the word, you will transfer this ability to them. If you die, Destra remains with your corpse
  124. Secret Name: Zhuul - You cannot be harmed by acid so long as you are praying loudly and continuously. If you tell someone the word, you will transfer this ability to them. If you die, Zhuul remains with your corpse
  125. Secret Name: Amkala - If you sit in someone's warm spot, people will believe you to be that person. Lasts until you stand up. If you tell someone the word, you will transfer this ability to them. If you die, Amkala remains with your corpse
  126. Poor impulse control, but you can take back any action. 50% chance of success, creates an alternate universe each time
  127. Divination - Disembowel a creature, watch the skies, consult symbolic rituals etc. and ask one question of the past or future. The more specific the question, the more vague the answer
  128. Skulking Familiar - It lurks around you, nearby but never close. It leaves gifts and messages. It'll teach you secrets, if you can handle them
  129. Wise Familiar - It sits on your shoulder or in your bag. It knows much, much more than it lets on. It can grant favours
  130. Useless Familiar - It flops around like a dying fish. If its killed, it'll return the next day
  131. Wandering Familiar - It travels far, seeing all and remember everything. You might not see it for several days at a stretch, but it will be back
  132. Hand of Vecna - Replaces your own, allows you to touch and hold magical spells, strong and never tires. Overusing the Hand has a 5% chance of allowing Vecna to consume your soul and possess your body
  133. Eye of Vecna - Replaces your own, allows you to see magic and through some materials. Overusing the Eye has a 5% chance of allowing Vecna to consume your soul and possess your body
  134. Vorpal Sword - Deals 1d8 damage, if you roll an 8 then roll again and add. Snicker snack 
  135. Gauntlets of Ogre Strength - Grants the might of an ogre, as well as the hunger
  136. Dead Ringer - You can turn a drop of blood, strand of hair and a mound of clay into a temporary but exact corpse
  137. The Rat King's Crown - A crown of lumpy gold and long, sharp incisors. Whoever wears it is recognised as the king of rats. They can speak with rats, but might not be obeyed unless they behave appropriately and are attempting to restore the rat kingdom
  138. Charmed Life - When you wake up and say "today is my lucky day", it begins. You succeed every check you attempt, take minimum damage from all attacks, and will generally be incredibly lucky, to the incredible detriment of everyone around you. Works once
  139. The Sword of Exorcism - Deals 1d4 magic damage while sheathed. You can only draw it against a single incorporeal target once you know its form of manifestation, the truth of how did it come to be, and the reason why it remains among the living. Once you know all three, and draw the sword, deal 1d20 to the target
  140. The Bells of Exorcism - Sleeper, Waker, Walker, Speaker, Thinker, Binder, Weeper. Lose 1 HP to ring multiple bells, if distracted while ringing or if attempting long-term effects. "Weeper" kills everything that hears it, including you
  141. Surgeon-Priest's Blade - Body parts removed come to life
  142. Necrosceptre - A ritually prepared corpse can be commanded to rise and will obey simple commands. If you drop the sceptre, every raised undead will swarm you. If killed for any reason, all undead will devour your corpse before attacking the living
  143. Staff of False Magi - Conjure fireballs, ice-storms, showers of brimstone. 95% illusory, only deal 1d6 damage, or 1 if the target has seen that kind of attack before
  144. Staff of the Ravenous Sun - Consumes liquids of any potency, whether potions or blood, and converts it into gouts of flame (d6 area)
  145. Powerstaff - Allows the wielder to summon walls of force and control invisible blades (d6 area). If you use it without having your feet planted firmly, take d12 force damage, if you are struck at all you take +d8 damage
  146. Tome of Healing - Replace an injury, curse or disease with (1d6): 1. Injury, 2. Curse, 3. Disease, 4. Quest, 5. Herbal remedy, 6. Spiritual requirement. Lapsing on option 4-6 causes the original malady to return. Takes an hour, you'll know what the cost is before committing
  147. Tome of Trickery - Write something in the book of the form "If [name] does [action] then [effect] will occur" or similar. If they die for any reason following the effect, the book has a 1-in-6 chance of losing all powers. If they die directly from the effect, 5-in-6. Must be their true name, must not be something they are doing all the time, must occur with you nearby
  148. Tome of Madness - Each insanity you gain allows you to access a new spell
  149. Tome of Life - A stolen book of the dead. Mundane weapons cannot harm you, but you take x3 damage from spells, angels and demons. They can smell your theft
  150. Third Eye - Restricting or removing one of your senses bolsters one other, boosting a sense twice allows for magical effectiveness
  151. "Tame" Imp - Invisible and a fan of showmanship, will move things, lift things, find things or burn things so long as you wear a fancy robe and proclaim your magical prowess
  152. Disciple of the Desecrator - Feed your foul censer with flowers, herbs and butterflies to make it spew toxic gas
  153. Star Whisperer - You can commune with the night sky to have a question answers. It might not be your question, just a random one
  154. Demonic Pact - If you perform the favours requested of you, you can have your requests granted. Your patron might follow you around, if you are interesting
  155. Devil Pact - If you bring sinners to justice, you can clear crimes of your own, whether mortal or spiritual. You don't take damage from fire, but it is just as painful as ever
  156. Faerie Pact - In return for beautiful things, you become more beautiful. Beauty takes many forms. Perhaps you will as well
  157. Abominable Pact - You can ask the DM any question you like, but each question confers a random insanity. Communicating your knowledge is incredibly hard, acting upon it is easier than breathing
  158. Servant of the Ancient King - Those who you officially outrank will always obey your commands, but you must do the same for your superiors. You can break a finger of someone who you control socially with a glance
  159. Stormcaller - You know the name of a local wind. Flying is is easy, landing is hard
  160. Hammer of the Gods - You can mould metal like clay, so long as you never refuse an honest request for assistance
  161. Psychometry - Touch an item to ask one yes/no question about it, works once per item, or again if you spend an hour/day/week meditating over it
  162. Hexblade - You innately know what ritual will be required to turn a bladed weapon into a magical artefact, if at all possible. You can speak with a blade, but only while it is bathed in blood
  163. Lantern-Mace - Bludgeoning+fire damage. Burns eternally while you stand and fight, can also hit ghosts etc. while lit
  164. Blade of Truth - If you have asked the target a question, this weapon only deals 1 damage if they answer truthfully. Deals double damage against traitors
  165. Thunder Hammer - Strike a piece of metal to damage it and create a loud thunderclap. If you use it to propel a piece of metal, the thunderclap comes from where it lands
  166. Axe of Cleaving - If you kill an enemy, you can and must make an extra attack
  167. Longsword of Attacking Twice in a Round
  168. Dagger of Sneak Attack - If multiple dice apply to your attack, add them together
  169. Helmet of Lasers - Requires both hands and a head to operate, deals d8 fire damage somewhere you can directly see. Overuse can cook your brain
  170. Holy Avenger - Deals radiant damage. If used to kill a fiend or undead, they burn to ash and salt, and the sword glows with a pure white light
  171. Dancing Sword - Can be set loose on an enemy or group of enemies and will attack each round. Difficult to re-capture unless it has killed at least once
  172. Folding Boat - Small wooden box that folds out to a large rowboat, sail not included. Folding it back up is inordinately difficult
  173. Lightbow - Doesn't require arrows, shoots a beam of light in a straight line
  174. Divine Intervention - Pray at a shrine or make a respectable sacrifice to block the next instance of [damage type] taken. Pray for a particular type, or rely on the grace of god. Your allies can also participate, but must uphold the principles of your deity
  175. Divine Quest - If you complete it, you and all your allies gain d6 max HP. It's near impossible, but you've got a shot at (d4): 1. Finding a long-last artefact, 2. Ending a crusade, 3. Freeing your people, 4. Making peace with The Immortal Beast
  176. Divine Dregs - The last fragments of a godly power. Grants quiet, faded miracles. CHA check to have prayers fulfilled (rolled in secret), on a critical failure it is burned out forever
  177. Guardian Angel - So long as all party members involved worship the same deity as you, one can save the other from death by praying over them, wailing etc. If they are already dead, dropping to 0 HP can grant them a last gasp and 1 HP
  178. Smite - So long as you are bold, honourable and offer them mercy, your attacks deal +d8 radiant to sinners
  179. Born under a Fateful Star - The first magic item you find is especially attuned to you and comes with a quest attached
  180. Runic Flesh - You can scribe a scroll directly into your flesh. The process drops you to 0 HP and grants you a related magical ability. Every additional scroll drains 1 max HP, or 1d4 max HP for major spells
  181. Overchannel - Lose half your HP to double the effect of a spell or magic item
  182. Curse of the Wanderer - Anyone who Scars you takes 1d20 damage. If you stay in a house or settlement, then all crops and herds nearby will be gradually blighted
  183. Arcane "Researcher" - After you cause a magical disaster, next spell you cast has double effect
  184. Scroll Master - Scrolls you use have a 1-in-6 chance of being retained. This chance goes up by 1 if you are: wearing a pointy hat, wearing a cumbersome robe, wielding a staff or wand, in a runic circle, guided by another wizard
  185. Sympathetic Magic - If you touch someone, you can form a link with them, allowing you to cast spells as if you were still touching them. One link at a time. You can't use this ability if you eat meat
  186. Timber Visage - If you carve your face into a piece of wood, you can shut off your other senses and transfer them to the wooden version. Cannot create a new one until the first is completely destroyed, and cannot use it if you have been insulted and not taken vengeance
  187. Embrace the Flame - Take 1 damage to light something you can see on fire. If you use this on a person, you also catch alight
  188. Shadow Knight - Send your shadow on errands, you have half hp until it gets back. Cannot use this ability in bright light or pitch darkness
  189. Fleshcrafter - Brew up a potion using parts from three different monsters. Random effect, but after that you’ve learned a recipe. Your potions don’t respond well to magical healing
  190. War Wizard - Deal up to d10 damage with your chosen type. At the end of combat, suffer the highest damage die you used
  191. Truenamer - Collect 15 letter tiles. If you arrange them into a word or short phrase, the universe will bend to make it come true, if only barely. You can change any number of letters at dawn. Reusing the same word allows angels to track you
  192. Nearly Unlimited Power - Drop to 0 HP to gain a d12 lightning attack. Lasts until you stop firing
  193. Knock-Knock Axe - Very loudly explodes wooden doors when you say "knock knock"
  194. Spear of Heaven - Deals lightning+slashing damage, ignores metal armour, can be thrown directly upwards to land as a lightning bolt next round, dealing 1d20 damage and being destroyed
  195. Negaton Mace - Extremely heavy, twist the base to start a timer, causes an implosion and an earthquake upon detonation
  196. Golemist - You can grant life to sculptures you create. They last for however long you spent working on them, though it's difficult spending more than a minute working on common clay or rock
  197. Deck of Many Things - Hearts for enhancement and magic, Diamonds for wealth and knowledge, Spades for mishaps and combat, Clubs for disaster and death. Jokers grant wishes, but the black Joker kills you
  198. Conjurer of Cheap Tricks - You control three invisible spirits. One is a blob with two legs, one is a blob with one arm, and one is a blob with three eyes and a gaping mouth. You can use a blood sacrifice to summon them to your side if they get left behind. Magical reagents might improve their capability
  199. Sorcerer - Reality bends to your desire. Your wishes towards things you can perceive are granted while you focus on them. Simple and subtle effects have a 1-in-100 of causing you to explode. Most "spell-like" effects have a 1-in-20 chance. If the wish is truly ridiculous, large or permanent, this increases to 1-in-6. Exploding drops you to 0HP, deals 1d20 damage to everything near you, destroys 1d4 limbs and removes this ability


  1. Hollow Guts - Tripled food requirements
  2. Screaming Teeth - Yell at inopportune times, blurts out secrets
  3. Unlucky - Disadvantage on loot/luck CHA checks
  4. Dog Hatred - All dogs will attack you
  5. Spirit Home - A small eldritch creature lives in your skull/teeth
  6. Purse Moths - Save or lose half of your money when you enter a settlement
  7. Fragile - Double bludgeoning damage
  8. Mute
  9. Delicate Sensibilities - Take 1 damage if you hear, say, or think a swear-word
  10. Desolation - Double damage while alone and away from allies
  11. Cursed to Die in a Fire - Double damage from fire
  12. The Clawing Stone - Double all falling damage
  13. Weak Blood - Automatically fail the first save against poison
  14. Into the Depths - Unable to swim
  15. Blinded
  16. Deafened
  17. The Betrayed - Triple damage from any ally
  18. Latent Vampirism - Take d8 damage unless you cringe and flee from sunlight and holy symbols
  19. Crippled - One arm is useless
  20. Lame - One leg is useless
  21. Rabbit Instincts - When your life is in danger you will always run
  22. Magnetic Soul - All spells that travel within 20ft of you change their target
  23. Endless Thirst - Water, ale, beer and wine all do nothing for you
  24. Slip of the Tongue, anything you think of saying is written on your skin
  25. Evil Twin - Manifests far away, knows where you are
  26. The Horseman Cometh - Immediately contract three diseases
  27. Unique Diet - Violently ill otherwise, (d4): 1. Vegetarian, 2. Carnivore, 3. Heavily spiced, 4. Cannibal
  28. The Chosen - If something would randomly apply to someone in a group, it happens to you
  29. Turn into a frog
  30. Curse of Apocalypse - You are fated to cause a major disaster. Omens precede you, and everybody knows it
  31. Take d20 damage from needles
  32. Professor's Bane - Rendered mute if someone asks you for advice
  33. Nervous Wreck - Disadvantage against madness, double psychic damage
  34. Performance Anxiety - Fingers go numb while being watched
  35. Forbidden Name - If you hear, read or speak your own name, suffer 1d10 of a random damage type
  36. Wandering Dreams - You always wake up somewhere strange nearby
  37. Dreadful Posture - Your head and arm swap positions
  38. Animal Head - 1d6: 1. Donkey, 2. Shark, 3. Chicken, 4. Lizard, 5. Ant, 6. Moose
  39. Demon Mark - Reek of brimstone and sin, attracts the attention of devils and clergy alike
  40. Allergy - Take d6 damage and get a severe rash if you touch (d6): 1. Water, 2. Money, 3. Grass, 4. Steel, 5. Magic, 6. Glass
  41. Stolen Youth - Age 2d20 years
  42. Curse of Sadim - Any gold you touch turns to clay
  43. Snake Arm
  44. Inverted Face - Eyes become two mouths. Mouth becomes one large eye
  45. Ghost Flesh - In sunlight, appear as a rotting corpse
  46. Bees - BEES
  47. Probably Not Getting Struck By Lightning - In any rain, you have a 1-in-20 chance of getting struck by lightning and dying horribly


  1. Depression - Disadvantage on all checks until you succeed one, resets each day
  2. Addiction - Whenever it is available, you must seek out (1d4): pleasure, drugs, gambling, or church attendance. If you resist an obvious opportunity to get your fix, you can't heal until you get some
  3. Alien Hand Syndrome - One arm no longer belongs to you. It'll act on its own choices, and will resent you for placing it in danger
  4. Paranoia - They are all out to get you! Disadvantage on CHA checks, alleviated for a day if you actually find evidence of a conspiracy against you and have proof
  5. Hallucinations - Unreliable senses, the DM will give you false descriptions of things if you are ever alone (without your allies to guide you). Since you are always doubting your senses, you are always surprised on the first round of combat unless a CHA check is made
  6. The Voices - You can hear everything the other players say at the table
  7. Nightmares - 3-in-6 chance of restful sleep each night, 4-in-6 with alcohol. Missing out on sleep at night reduces healing to 1d6
  8. Phobia (Proximal) - Permanently afraid of whatever thing or class of things caused the madness. When confronted with trigger, make a CHA check or take double damage until you spend a round while safe from the cause
  9. Phobia (Dungeon) - Permanently afraid of 1d4: being alone, claustrophobia, darkness, or heights. When confronted with trigger, make a CHA check or take double damage until you spend a round while safe from the cause
  10. Selective Blindness - Cannot see cause of madness, or some other source of danger (d4): 1. Enemies, 2. Traps, 3. Betrayals, 4. Magic
  11. Psychosis - Cannot leave combat until all enemies are dead. A CHA check can be attempted once per combat the first time you attempt to resist
  12. Split Personality - Reroll all your background elements and mental stats as a second character. Switch between them each session or when concussed
  13. Twitchy - The first time you take damage in each encounter, you must make a CHA check or spend the next round flipping out
  14. Pacifism - Whenever you see or hear an enemy die, take 1d6 damage
  15. Afflicted - Abusive, paranoid, irrational, hopeless or something else. Whatever the case, anyone that rests with you nearby recovers 1 fewer HP
  16. Sudden Delusion - 1d6: 1. Your allies are insane and must be restrained, 2. This is a dream and you have to wake up, 3. The floor is covered with gold and jewels, 4. You are on fire, 5. You are a literal god, 6. You are a rusty sword that needs polishing
  17. Obsession - If you can't do it, freak out in d4 rounds (d4): 1. When entering a structure you haven't tasted before, lick the floor, 2. Always stay in the light, 3. Don't touch anybody, 4. Touch all of the treasure
  18. Shut Down - Can't take actions unless expressly ordered to by an ally (requires an action and a lot of prodding). Lasts for 1d6 hours
  19. Amnesia - Lose all of your trained abilities and memories. Make an CHA check to recover them when you need them, or when prompted. If you failed, you'll need therapy to get them back, or a life-or-death situation that requires them. You won't lose any spells but you'll forget you have them
  20. Coma - Make saves to recover after 1d6 hours, 1d6 days and 1d6 weeks
  21. Insomnia - You can't sleep
  22. Narcolepsy - 1-in-10 chance of falling asleep under stressful circumstances
  23. Lycanthropy - Turn into a wolf by the light of the moon


  1. Grave Lung - Cough at least once a minute or take d4 damage
  2. Spasms of the Liver - Halve all natural healing
  3. Stoneskin - Each time the affected limb is damaged, it spreads a little
  4. Corpus Beetles - Infects a specific mental trait, using it causes eggs to appear 
  5. Black Death - Double the effect of all other diseases and poisons
  6. Gob Rot - Your teeth start falling out
  7. Mangling Flesh - Fail all saves vs. mutation
  8. Dungeon Slough - Take +d4 damage from all sources
  9. Worm of Entropy - Speaks your language, desires ruin
  10. Shadow Pox - Immune to positive spells as your shadow sickens
  11. Dysentery - 1-in-6 chance to lose action each round as you soil yourself
  12. Crystal Bones - Double bludgeoning and fall damage
  13. Rude Passenger - Save vs. messy sporulation when near people
  14. The Dwindling - Shrink an inch a day
  15. Ogre Guts - No benefit from first meal each day
  16. Gangrene - Take 1d8 damage each morning
  17. Rabies - Cannot drink water
  18. Plague - If you die you will rise as a zombie
  19. Brain Worms - Hallucinate when near large predators or water
  20. Tetanus - Random body part is paralysed each morning (d6): 1. Left arm, 2. Right arm, 3. Left leg, 4. Right leg, 5. Jaw, 6. Whole body
  21. Dauntledregs - Fail all saves vs. fear and confusion
  22. Wandering Heart - You have a throbbing red weak point, take +d8 damage from all attacks that specifically target it
  23. Dimensia - Regular geometric shapes horrify you
  24. The Hops - Frog eggs sprout from your back
  25. Doom Warts - They pop into tiny faces and pronounce doom
  26. Cordyceps - Bright glowing lump, get excited near predators
  27. The Dithers - CHA check to make fast decisions
  28. Boggy Pox - Each sentence must include the word "bog", "boggy" etc. or take 1 damage. Each time you take damage, the number of "bogs" needed in a sentence increases by one. After five, every word must be "bog"
  29. Carrion Fever - Cannot gain sustenance from anything but raw meat
  30. Goblin Breath - It smells terrible, and if your face is uncovered, goblins can find you

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