Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Wacky Dungeon Word Generator [WIP]

Built through horrific misuse of Dungeon Bingo, a perfectly functional idea that you should use INSTEAD of this horrendous mistake. Onwards! Mode 3 coming soon to a HTML-equipped browser near you.

Edit 1: Mode 2 is now less janky, and more spaced out than Mode 1. It even has multiple paths! Should it have a chance of three to a a floor? I could make it detect whether the floor above is very large, but the restriction of words + "punctuation" is kind of fun.

Edit 2: Yes, Mode "1+2" is just a combination of 1 and 2 at random. Mode 2 has had a few changes with the number of vertical routes. Mode 4 is an experiment. Mode 5 has hallways and staircases at the top, dissolving into chaotic caverns down the bottom... in theory.

Edit 3: If you want to, for some unknowable reason, save one of these dungeons, you will have to format it to centre-align on your own. Lines of rooms that go on for a ludicrous length then just end sudden actually (1d4): 1. Lead to a river, 2. Are a shortcut heading up/down several steps, imagine them bending in that direction in a loop, 3. Connect to a different dungeon or the Veins, 4. Lead all the way to the surface.


  1. I should really write some actual content some day, rather than just yet more random generators. OH WELL.

  2. random generators ARE content, bruh

    YOu've not been paying attention ;)

  3. Awesome! I just added a link to this from the Dungeon BINGO post. Thank you!

    1. Thanks! While this is aggressively the "wrong" way to use the Bingo system, I definitely feel like there's a connection here


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