Random Character Generator

The difference:
New Character gives you a weighted roll, limiting (but not entirely) the quantity of excessively wacky characters. They are still around, just roughly proportional to what you'd expect.
Basic Character goes a lot further, limiting things to Fighter, Thief, Wizard, Barbarian, Knight and Cleric.
Weird Character gets rid of ALL limiters, and includes some wacky Underdark critters.
Level 0 Funnel gives you a Failed Career instead of a class.
DIE TRYING is an experimental new GLOG-like system.
FIGHTING MEN is a non-magical version of Die Trying.

If you are here for one of my games, you can reroll as many times as you like, but saving characters until you find one you like. Never backwards, only forwards!


  1. Thank you. I like it. I'll be using it. I'm making an equipment table that assigns starting equipment (instead of coins) based on HP (in imitation of Into the Odd's table.) If you have interest in including such a thing, let me know.

    1. That sounds great, I would totally be up for that! I've always had a soft-spot for that particular mechanic.

  2. Thanks! It's been a labour of love, that's for sure...