Thursday, November 22, 2018

Scrambled Race Table

Let the record show: This was a poor idea to begin with and I was pressured into posting it.

It's got... stuff from... just about everywhere? There are duplicates, but not quite, and some are objectively better than others. Luckily, this is OSR, so the players that roll well will die pretty much exactly as fast, on average, as everyone else. Hurrah for statistics!

I refuse, on morale grounds, to fix the above problem. You can though! Just grab the stuff under the break, make the obvious and needful changes, then run it through this here doohickey. It's what I would do! But I'm not going to. For reasons.

Statistically, you're not gonna look as dope as this guy. No harm in trying though! Credit Jue "Leo" Li 


  1. Add more drawbacks in the comments! I won't add them in or anything. My lawyer said it was good to "establish a rapport" with the userbase before the inevitable lawsuit. Isn't a rapport something that goes on a castle?

    Jks, lova ya guys. Gimme more things!

  2. Is it intentional that there are no names or physical descriptions attached to these? The idea being you roll for the stats and then build a species concept around that? In any case, very cool!

  3. Reroll INT
    Perk: 30' Standing Jump
    Drawback: No Legs (Start with Wheelchair)


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