Sunday, November 18, 2018

ASCII Dungeon Generator

If you were wondering if you have seen this before, very briefly, you are not correct. I did not panic when it didn't work in the blog as it did in testing, and did not delete the whole thing and storm off in disgust.


Anyway, this 'ere doohickey doesn't work in the slightest. But it might! Soon even! But probably not for a while, because I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.

You can download a functional version right here though. Screw Blogger and it's crummy implementation of my hack-job!

EDIT: IT LIVES. Just don't increase the size beyond five. Hopefully I'll find away around that limitation soon...

Size (length):
Add greebles: %
Cave-ins: %
Natural cave filled: %


  1. I'm getting some interesting results. :P

    1. You and me both son! The download works perfectly, but blogger seems to be messing with me. You shall hear crowing from the rooftops when (if) this works.


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