Monday, August 27, 2018

"cladem proclamabit, Bellonaeque canes in praedam immittet" - Havoc, Orc-As-Class v.1

When an immortal creature engages with a challenge, they do so perfectly, ofttimes to the point of self-destructive obsession. When the high elves vanished they left beyond all their creations, including their soldiers. They were designed to be an all-in-one solution to the problem of violence, manipulated by chemical cocktails as needed. Without these, they degenerated. Some managed to interbreed enough to become a functional race, the sturdy, oft-maligned orcs. Rarely is their lust for warfare and brutish temperament caused by anything more than a rough upbringing within their tribes. Their gods have abandoned them. Their champions of old, the purebloods, have all been hunted down and exterminated. The orcs of today are at most half- or even quarter-breeds, diluted, stilted. But sometimes, just sometimes, the bloodlines converge... and a nightmare stalks the lands again. 

Your name has become synonymous with uncontrollable devastation. You will be killed on sight by any civilised race. You are the herald of no army. You are the army.


Yeah. That guy. Credit Chris Wilkinson


Orc racial traits: Reroll Strength. Turn a Major Injury or Save vs Death into a Scar, works once per level. Save vs. Fear when exposed to Divine Magic.

Prerequisites: Must be an orc, at least level 2 and have decapitated an enemy.


B INVULNERABLE, +1 Damage, +1 Attack


You begin to manifest the traits of a Pureblood Orc. Gain one each level. If you take a second trait, increase all your HD by one step. Depending on how obviously Noble these traits are, you are more or less likely to be identified. People don't want to see a Havoc, so don't give them any reason to. If you are recognised, you will be hunted down and killed.
  • Serrated horns, d4+STR, increases with age, easily visible from above
  • Jutting brow, +1 Defence, struggle with helmets
  • Clawed toes, kick for 1d6, can’t wear shoes
  • Bulging spine, +1 Strength, increases your height significantly, anyone who has met you a month ago or more will notice
  • Second heart, +1 Constitution, anyone that lies with you will run screaming at the doubled beat
  • Grey sclera, +1 Dexterity, anyone having a conversation with you might spot them
  • Black blood, +1 Save, immediately marks you as Noble

You start with 0 Covenant. You gain a point every time you land a critical hit that kills something. You can choose to automatically hit an Attack by gaining a point. Every sunrise after you have gained at least one point, roll 1d100. If you roll under, you are selected to be destroyed by the gods.

It is possible, albeit unlikely, for you to lose points of Covenant.

You can reroll any Save, Defence or physical check (Str/Con/Dex) by gaining a point of Covenant. You can try this again but the cost doubles each time.

You can use your racial feature 1/day for a cost of 1 Covenant, alongside the once per level capability. You are really hard to kill.

"Selected to be destroyed by the gods?"
  1. Angels. 3HD the first day, +1 each day after that.
  2. Lightning strike. 1d6x1d20 damage.
  3. A chasm opens beneath you, grasping hands dragging you down to Hell.
  4. Launched into space.
  5. Wasting disease, 1d2 CON per day.
  6. Cursed. Save drops to 1.
  7. Gain a mutation 1/day until you explode. Every mutation after CON/2 requires a Save vs. Apotheosis.
  8. Your skeleton tries to escape. Probably succeeds as well.
  9. Every day at noon, the light of the sun lenses into a single iota of incandescence, centred directly on... you. 6d6 damage at the surface, drops by 1d6 every day straight down you travel.
  10. The high elves come to collect you.

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