Monday, August 20, 2018

"You can tell a lot about an adventurer by the contents of their bag" - Adventurer v.1

...but I don't think that's what you had in mind.

The idea for this class came after I had a single Thief blaze their way through the entire top floor of the Chambers of God (megadungeon-in-progress), only losing a single limb along the way. The vast majority of their progress could be tracked through the various bizarre objects that they collected, used, abused and tossed aside. Their backstory was minimal-to-none, more or less just a jury-rigged explanation for the random extra gear they had available. They were defined less by who they were, and more by what they had on them, who they were with, where they were going, and how big of a splash they made when they got there.

That's what the Adventurer-as-class is all about. They are a blank page, ready to be written on. Also, there aren't enough classes that use Intelligence, so there's that.

Inventory slots equal to Strength score, credit Brian Shearer


Starting equipment: two additional random items, leather armour

Skill - The first one that you use

A Practiced Perfection, A Natural, +1 Inventory Slot

B Improvise, d8 HD, +1 Inventory Slot

C Stalwart Companions OR Tinker, +1 Inventory Slot

D Copy Cat, +1 Inventory Slot

Practiced Perfection
Twice per Adventurer template, if you miss a d20 roll by 1, you instead succeed and permanently gain +2 to that type of roll. For example, Attack and Defence are with/against that particular category of weapon, while a Strength check due to lifting something would be seperate from a Strength check while swimming. If you have two or more bonuses in the same category, you can remove one and replace it with a generic bonus i.e. if you have +2 with rapiers and +2 with axes you can sacrifice the axe-bonus for +1 Attack.

A Natural
You start with a random Mindset

While you aren't wielding a manufactured weapon, you can ignore one penalty to a dice roll each round. For example, you could ignore the Attack/Defence bonus of an enemy, or a penalty due to being over-encumbered.

Stalwart Companions
Any Hirelings you acquire cost 1g less, and have +1 Morale. Non-combatants will risk their lives to save you, so long as you would do the same for them. Hireling rules - You can have up to 3+CHA retainers before they will start getting in each others way, arguing and generally being useless.

When you take something apart, you learn one of the following. You can make an Intelligence check to learn a second one:

  • Who made it
  • Where it is from
  • What it did
  • How to put it back together

Copy Cat
When you see someone or something use an ability or special attack, you can make an Intelligence check to Copy it. You can then use that ability with the same limitations and effects. If you Copy something else, you lose access to that ability. Supernatural abilities require a roll under half Intelligence and some appropriate props to recreate. If you are attempting to Copy a spell, you'll need to get your MD from somewhere else. It is bad manners to copy a Capstone ability (Template D) the first time another party member uses it.

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